Micello Blog: Indoor Cartography

Mist built the first wireless platform for the Smart Device era. This partnership enables Micello maps to be used within Mist’s wireless platform to deliver high-accuracy, low latency indoor wayfinding, and virtual beacon-based proximity services. 

Mist is leveraging Micello indoor maps to deliver highly accurate indoor location services using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

These innovative features include:

  • Virtual BLE (vBLE) beacons: Mist eliminates the challenges of physical beacons by enabling virtual beacons to be set-up anywhere on a Micello map with the click of a mouse. This lets customers avoid expensive and time-consuming BLE site surveys, ongoing calibration difficulties, and other operational issues that often hold back BLE deployments.
  • Best location accuracy (1-3 m) with sub-second latency: Mist uses a real-time location engine directional vBLE arrays in Mist Access Points to deliver the highest accuracy and performance of any BLE solution. Location data is constantly fed to Micello for accurate placement on maps for real turn-by-turn navigation across hotels, hospitals, schools, and other venues.    

We have already deployed at multiple joint customers together and are growing quickly to add more. This combined solution will help both companies satisfy the growing multi-billion dollar demand for indoor location-based services

You can read about the official announcement here.


Mall-Connect empowers shopping centers with digital marketing solutions and know-how.

The company specializes in digital marketing, digital technology, mall marketing, shopping center industry, social media, online/offline conversion and database marketing.

Micello indoor maps are integrated with Mall-Connect’s omni-channel marketing platform, MyDeck, and will which will help guide consumers to point-of-interests in a venue with the help of proximity-based messaging by providing features, including:

  • Store directory and latest information displayed dynamically on the indoor map.
  • Planning the visit; routing and navigation to the favorite stores.
  • ‘MyMall’ recommendations engine to suggest new stores, manage visitor profiles and loyalty points.

We have launched with deploying our joint solution at one of the largest shopping malls in the world and are quickly starting new pilots around the world.

You can read about the official announcement here


Our summer intern (and now fall intern), Sanjeedha Sanofer, recently participated in a hackathon and her team won second place!

Congratulations from Micello!

The hackathon was organized by Paypal to help several NGO's. It was held last Saturday for 36 hours of coding at a stretch. Sanjeedha’s team won the second prize out of 50 teams which participated in the Hackathon. She designed the complete UI for an NGO called Rising International and it was very well received.

Here’s what Sanjeedha had to say about us - “Thank you Micello for the helping me learn many usability aspects, which has helped me achieve this stride. Looking forward to more such challenging experiences.”

Congrats Sanjeedha and team, we’re are super happy for you and are glad to have you on our team. Keep it up!



India is moving ahead strongly towards transforming itself into Digital India and we are glad to contribute in the process. For the first time in India, Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology implemented Internet-of-Things (IoT) for their annual tech event management and gave its participants a lifetime experience. It is amazing that indoor maps and wayfinding technology is also making its way into India and that gave us the opportunity to map out the technology institute.

Few months ago, we received an email from Monu Shetty and team requesting us to map out their college for an annual technical event, Praxis 2k16, being held in Mumbai at Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology (VESIT).

They were all set to create a mobile application and install beacons in the college to help college students and visually handicapped access the college infrastructure during the event. However, for this, they needed a detailed indoor map and so they contacted us. We gladly agreed to their request and we made an awesome map of the college for their purpose. Here it is, check it out:

Post event they sent us an appreciation email with a team photo. Here’s their experience working with the Micello platform.

“Within 3 days of submitting the floorplans we received the indoor maps with floors developed in the best way. The documentation on the website guided us to our destination. We successfully developed the Praxis 2k16 application and hosted it on Google Play Store. Students and participants were happy to see the indoor map as a best tool to move in the unknown infrastructure and participate in the events hassle free. With the map integrated in the app loaded easily and added onto the best of all user experience.

The following features were used for the first time India using IoT.

  • Indoor Map
  • Live indoor location based notifications
  • Indoor location specifiers to know where a participant is inside the college.

We thank Ankit Agarwal and complete team of Micello for helping us and making our dream of creating a wayfinding application come true.”

Perhaps this was the first time ever in Mumbai when beacons and wayfinding technology was used in an institute for a technical event.

We’re glad that we were able to help in this initiative, thank you Monu Shetty and Team (Appnirman Solutions LLP). All the best to you and thanks for working with Micello maps!



We are thrilled to have sensewhere as our partner. They have integrated our newly introduced Indoor Context API product into their adwhere service, a location-based advertising solution. sensewhere Ltd. is a world leader in indoor location solutions. sensewhere's technology enables precise location information in areas where there is no or poor GNSS satellite reception such as indoors or in dense urban areas. 

Indoor maps are a key component for search, tracking, and navigation applications to allow the user to visualize where they are and what is nearby.  The unique integration of Micello's Context API with sensewhere's applications will provide users position and surroundings information that can be used intelligently for delivering contextually aware advertisements to consumers.  

This partnership offers an ideal, low-risk solution for companies looking to add indoor location-based services and intelligence to their mobile solutions. You can check out the official partnership announcement here


Ankit Agarwal is one of the panelists at Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) of San Francisco Chapter Summer Mixer. Marcus Anderson from Senion, Filip Eldic from Bluedot Innovation and Ankit Agarwal will share useful information to the marketers on  “Leveraging Location Analytics to Plan Ahead in Marketing” at the event.


Venue owners from retail to airports, from education to amusement parks, all are applying insights gathered from location analytics into their businesses. Location analytics provides the essential insights into customer’s preferences and behavioral patterns which is the key point for creating a sustainable marketing strategy.  The panelists will be spilling the beans on all of this and much more, also there is going to be a little end of the summer celebration with some beer, wine and small bites. So be there, it is free and open to all event! Thanks to Senion for sponsoring the event! 

Title: Leveraging Location Analytics to Plan Ahead in Marketing

When is the event - Thursday, August 25, 2016 Time - 5:30 PM to 7:15 PM (PST)

Where -


995 Market St, 2nd Floor, San Francisco, CA

Panelists - 

Filip Eldic, Co-Founder and Executive Director, bluedot innovation

Marcus Andersson, VP Sales & Marketing, Senion

Ankit Agarwal, CEO, Micello

The event will be moderated by Tim Hayden, President, Location Based Marketing Association, San Francisco Chapter (Advisor, Zignal Labs; Author, The Mobile Commerce Revolution)

This event is free and open to LBMA Members and Non-Members, made possible through generous support of Senion.



Wow! It was that time of the year again, a time to celebrate and enjoy our annual party at Micello-India.

This year's party was even more happening and we had a blast celebrating it with our friends and family. It was one big incredible get-together!

The evening was filled with exciting Awards, foot-tapping music, lively dancing and singing performances, surprise gifts and lip-smacking food. 

Check out the awesome time we had at our annual celebration party:

Every occasion here begins by lighting the lamps. 


Party without cake is just a meeting! ;)


Anil Agarwal, our President of Micello-India sharing a few words of success with us. 


Girl power with their rocking dance performance!


More dance, more fun!



Asit Vachhani presented with a Special Recognition Award. 


Darshan Patel giving a thanks note on winning the Leadership Award and the President's Award. 

Maulik Baldha receiving Map Quality Captain Award from Monal Shah.

Chitrang Parmar receiving Best Performer of the Year Award.


Rookie of the year Award won by Dharmesh Goswami and Ashvini Prajapati.

Manohar Kumawat won Technical and Data Excellence Award. 


Soulful singing by Aslam Khan and Manohar Kumawat.


Our talented team mate, Niren Barsopiya singing a song written and composed by him! 

The fun continues...



We are glad to add ViziApps to our growing Marketplace of integrations. 

ViziApps is a Rapid Mobile App Development (RMAD) platform enabling businesses and enterprises to create mobile apps using a drag and drop interface.

This integration is a solution for retailers and enterprises aspiring to quickly and cost-effectively have their own business mobile apps. With this integration, you can now create mobile apps quickly for iOS and Android with ViziApps and instantly activate Micello indoor maps and navigation services too!

ViziApps has been a game changer since it introduced its Do-It-Yourself mobile development platform that has made it possible for enterprises to rapidly create mobile apps with rich user experiences, backend data and Internet of Things (IoT) access, and native device feature use, all without coding. ViziApps allows users to create mobile apps on iOS and Android phones and tablets much faster and at far less cost than coded development methods.

You can read about the official announcement online.





We are thrilled to introduce our brand new product offering, Context API.

What is Context API?

Context API is our recent offering that unleashes the power of reverse geocoding for the great indoors. It turns indoor geospatial queries into a meaningful contextual information. Reverse geocoding is a way of converting latitude, longitude pair into a descriptive location for the user.

Why Context API?

This product will help our customers to understand the user behavior, geographic context, location-based demographic and take action.

For instance, If a user is nearby your store in a shopping mall, sending an advertisement or an offer to that individual is much more valuable because he/she is a potential customer. With Context API, you will get to know the exact descriptive location of the user when they are nearby your store and you will be able to send them special offers/discounts at the right place and time.

Here’s a screenshot of Context API used in a Shopping Mall wherein the peg man shows the location of a user and the pop-up box shows up the details of all the stores and utilities that are available within the range of 50 feet distance.

With our powerful Context API, you can create a compelling cross-platform context-aware experience. The product provides essential details such as nearby exits, rest rooms, location of safety equipments, Telephone facility within a venue.

This is just one such possible usage of the product for hyper-local marketing and wayfinding but Context API can be used for several other important use cases too such as for enhanced 911 emergency services.

How to use Context API?

It’s pretty simple to use the product. For any indoor geospatial queries, Context API will return its context. Check out working example of the product from here. Also, check out entire documentation on the product here. Just create an account on micello.com and contact us for getting your API key. Activate Context API from ‘Products’ section in My Account using your API key.

The Context API also works nicely with our existing Maps SDK and Data APIs. Try it out today!

Happy Mapping to you!



We are excited to share that CARTO is using our indoor maps for displaying the creative ways in which data can be visualized using their Mobile SDK.

CARTO mobile SDK converts data to vector files for fast and beautiful rendering of large amount of data on an indoor map. For this, CARTO has integrated our Westfield Valley Fair Mall in California as use case.  

Excerpt from the CARTO blog post:

"In previous posts, we covered how the Mobile SDK can be used for indoor mapping. We really like indoor mapping because it is a unique way to visualize nontraditional geographic spaces like conferences, hospitals, and museums. A great example of this is the L.A. Times interactive graphic that charts every shot Kobe Bryant has ever made on the basketball court.

Here, we have an indoor plan from Micello...We used a simple data converter script to combine data from different floors and different object attributes to a single table. Output of the script is also GeoJSON, so it can be easily imported into CARTO. This is how that same map looks in our new CARTO Builder, before proper styling:" 

Check out a detailed blogpost on how to import Micello map on to CARTO and how to do various styling on top of it to enhance data visualization, group floors to different layers, and add layers for labels. 

Happy Mapping!