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Lambert St. Louis International Airport is an international airport serving Greater St. Louis. It is about 10 miles (16 km) northwest of downtown St. Louis in unincorporated St. Louis County between Berkeley and Bridgeton. It is the largest and busiest airport in the state with 255 daily departures to about 90 domestic and international locations.

Lambert St. Louis International Airport
St Louis, MO





    Tokyo Midtown is an urban district with a new style. It comprises of six buildings set amongst lush greenery. This town features a variety of facilities such as stores, restaurants, offices, hotels and museums. These resonate with each other to provide your urban life with a superior quality of everyday living. Tokyo Midtown is an incredible gathering of variety and excitement. Here there is something for everyone, whether it’s fine dining or shopping here the options are limitless. For many tourists who travel to this area, they would say it’s a place that shouldn’t go unvisited.

Tokyo Midtown
Tokyo, Japan
Over 100 stores




Tokyo Midtown Shopping Mall



Tokyo Midtown Christmas Illumination 2011














Located in downtown Cape Girardeau, Isle Casino Cape Girardeau is a state of the art gaming and entertainment destination with all of the amenities and services you are looking for including slots, exciting table games, live action poker tables, 5 restaurants, live entertainment and a breathtaking view of the Mississippi River.

Isle of Capri - Cape Girardeau
St. Louis, MO





The JFK airport is operated by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. The airport is located in the southeast section of Queens county. JFK covers 4,930 acres, and has 30 miles of roadway. The airport is one of the most busiest airports, it contributes 30.6 billion in economic activity, generating roughly 213,000 total jobs.

John F. Kennedy International Airport
New York, NY






Looking to spend the weekend in a big city for some shopping?! Well then say no more just head to the big apple,New York city! The shopping is out of control with so many top designer names and so much to see. It would be well worth it to catch the next flight out for an exciting weekend in New York city.

Boulevard Mall
Over 75 stores



Crossgates Mall
Over 240 stores



Galleria at Crystal Run
Over 145 Stores



Green Acres Mall
Valley Stream,NY
Over 145 stores



Kings Plaza Shopping Center
Over 75 stores



Palisades Center
West Nyack,NY
Over 335 stores



Poughkeepsie Galleria
Over 100 stores



Queens Center
Over 170 stores



Roosevelt Field
Garden City,NY
Over 240 stores



Smith Haven Mall
Lake Grove,NY
Over 135 stores





With so many tables and video gaming machines, over 160 live horse racing days per year,
great dinning and entertainment options, there are plenty of reasons to spend your day at Finger Lakes Casino.

Finger Lakes Casino
Farmington, NY
has over 1200 Tables






Industry Updates and News




Qualcomm Taps HERE for Indoor Maps
http //apb.directionsmag.com/entry/qualcomm-taps-here-for-indoor-maps/342938\
In the recent week Qualcomm Atheros, a subsidiary of Qualcomm incorporated has gone ahead and asked for mapping assistance from the company HERE. Qualcomm has developed a location technology called Qualcomm IZat. With the help from the company HERE Qualcomm hopes to achieve precise indoor positioning within 3-5 meters for apps.
Qualcomm hopes to achieve solutions for indoor mapping developers who will then start to turn to Qualcomm for results and assistance.


MTSU Students Map Historical Structures and other Education GIS News
http //apb.directionsmag.com/entry/mtsu-students-map-historical-structures-and-other-education-gis-news/342679
At the Middle Tennessee State University a group of students who are apart of the Fullerton Laboratory for spatial Technology are currently working on creating a database of all the historical building in the state of Tennessee. The college students have received a 50,000 dollars in grant money to continue mapping. The research is being done by one full time and three part time grad students.

Esri Offers ArcGIS Online Subscriptions for Developers
http //apb.directionsmag.com/archives/2013/08/02/
Esri has implemented new developer options for the ArcGIS program. Esri has asked for developers to try the new features and test it. With the new features developers are able to share solutions and have service support. This is exciting and hopefully we will hear more about the added on developer features in weeks to come.




Readers Weigh In Apple Maps Needs to Beat Google Maps
http //apb.directionsmag.com/archives/2013/08/04/
In a recent poll that was dated back July 22 on a blog titled All Points has the results pertaining to how many people felt that Apple needs to beat Google in map development. The poll indicated that 60% said that Apple needed to beat google in map development. 37.5% said that the maps that apple already have are good enough. while the remaining 2.5% believes that both companies need to work on their maps to ensure that they are 100% functional with minimal errors.




Wifarer lets explorers navigate the great indoors
http //venturebeat.com/2012/08/01/wifarer-letsr-explorers-navigate-the-great-indoors/
Wifarer has launched its indoor mapping mobile app which has a collection of venues from all over the United States and Canada. Wifarer's technology functions similar to GPS, it uses Wi-Fi capabilities to track your location. The company is small but it hopes to grow in the coming years to someday reach giant status like Apple and Google.





Location-Based Analytics Company Placed Now Measures 100 Million Locations Per Day
http //www.businessinsider.com/top-location-based-analytics-company-detects-million-100-million-location-points-daily-2013-8
The company (Placed) is a leader in the location based analytics, its currently experiencing rapid growth. Their daily location measurements has increased by 80 million locations. This goes to show how important location based services have been in the mobile industry.

ABI Sees the Race for Indoor Location Services Heating Up
http //www.patentlyapple.com/patently-apple/2013/08/abi-sees-the-race-for-indoor-location-services-heating-up.html
A report was published by ABI Research today stating that due to apples recent acquisition of WIFISLAM has produced major attention to the indoor location based services. By 2018 tech forecasts have predicted that 1 billion new smartphones will utilize indoor location technology. Some of the technologies currently being developed revolve around optical light, object recognition and LTE- direct. The big companies like google, microsoft, apple and many others are in the race to finding a solution for the indoor navigation that is useful and user friendly.

Aruba buys indoor-location startup Meridian. Here’s why
http //gigaom.com/2013/05/17/aruba-buys-indoor-location-startup-meridian-heres-why/
Aruba networks is already a big supplier of Wi-Fi networks for many enterprises around the world. Though it has succeeded in supplying Wi-Fi it now has another use and that is location navigation. Aruba has purchased a startup company called Meridian Apps which is located in Portland, Oregon. The company uses Wi-Fi triangulation to determine your location indoors, this is where many GPS signals just can't penetrate. Aruba's interest in Meridians technology is due to it being infrastructure-dependent. Their technology relies on access points to make those measurements, this helps in not draining the phones battery. Aruba stands in a good spot since its No. 2 in WLAN supplying. Soon enough all of Aruba's customers will soon want to have location data for customers and employees.





Half Of California's Wireless 9-1-1 Calls Are Delivered Without Caller Location Information
http //www.lbszone.com/content/view/10326/2/
California chapter of the national number association filed extensive data of 9-1-1 calls that showed calls had no idea on where their location was. This is due to being in a emergency situation where sometimes someone might be confused, unconscious, or seriously injured. 45% of the 9-1-1 calls statewide showed no location given again this is an issue that must be fixed especially for those living within big cities where building can cause interference. improvements have been made since more and more phones have location based capabilities but for those who don't have accessible wireless phones, this still remains an issue.





How New Indoor Navigation Systems Will Protect Emergency Responders
http //spectrum.ieee.org/static/how-new-indoor-navigation-systems-will-protect-emergency-responders
In an event of a fire or any emergency response its important that we make sure that first responders have all the right tools to ensure their safety and the safety of others. There have been cases where firefighters have responded to a fire and in the extraction process have run into problems where they were unable to know the exact layout of the building or the exact locations of other fellow firefighters who were in a building. The race to ensure that indoor navigation tools are made available and effective are underway. With the collaboration of engineers and others who specialize in indoor navigation, we can soon have precise navigation tools that will help first responders increase their efficiency in a situation and their safety.





This Egyptian style mall is known for its architecture and its wide range of retail and restaurants. The mall feature top designers like Missoni and Chanel along with many more. The mall is unique in the way that it has a artistic feel to it, not only by the architecture but by the art galliers located inside as well as interior design boutiques. So whether its fashion, food, entertainment or lifestyle, you'll find it here at Wafi mall, one of the top malls in the world.

Wafi Mall

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Over 280 stores



Wafi Mall 





Lakeside Joondalup shopping is one of Perths leading retail locations. It has a vast selection of shopping choices with over 230 stores. Its food court has a wide variety to select from also areas where you can relax and enjoy your food. Come have a blast at Lakeside Joondalup mall a place for the whole family!

akeside joondalup

Joondalup, WA

Over 230 stores 




The Oaks Mall in Gainesville, Florida has over 901,000 sq feet of leasing space with a wide range of top name brands. The mall has a family friendly atmosphere with designated children's area as well as food and entertainment. Its a place for all to enjoy so what are you waiting for come explore the Oaks mall in Gainesville Florida!

The Oaks Mall

Gainesville, FL

Over 120 stores