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There's always something interesting going on in the location ecosystem. Check out the latest below:

Sensewhere’s indoor positioning Technology well-suitedfor location-based advertising
April 22, 2013
Sensewhere announces new solution for positioningaccuracy. Sensewhere uses Wi-Fi Technology for advertising purposes for areas with poor GPS coverage. Source
DARPA Develops Navigation without GPS
April 15, 2013
Many companies within the private sector have been seeking ways to pin point your location precisely within indoor facilities. The challenge still stands but what’s even more interesting is the government agency DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) has recently come up with chip that might just make huge changes. Source

U.S Location Based Services Market
April 2, 2013
The Location based market is always growing due to the smartphone capabilities on the rise. Data shows that many LBS services in gaming and fitness have grown but Navigation applications will remain the largest seller. Source
Technology that worksbehind closed doors
April 1, 2013
Indoor navigation startups seek to be noticed and to get their name out. Some big companies have taken notice and partnered up or bought out some of the new up and coming companies. Source

Apple Acquires Indoor GPS Startup WiFiSLam for $20M
March 24, 2013
Apple Acquires startup to help build up its location capabilities, WiFiSlam’s plan to help Apples indoor capabilities is a top priority. WiFiSlams co-founder Joseph Huang, former Google engineer intern along with the WiFiSlam team hope to enhance personal interaction and revolutionize the
product- level retail engagement. Source

How Location-Based Services Are Transforming The Mobile Industry
March 12, 2013
Location based services are opening up new ideas for many different industries. It goes beyond consumer facing apps and is now growing in the advertisement world. Source

Get More From Mobile With Location-Based Services
March 11, 2013
Locations based social networks seemed to be confusing on what their purpose was.  It wasn’t until later that marketing experts saw the potential on using these services for marketing purposes. Source


Top 10 Washington Banner.png

The next stop on our mapping journey is The Evergreen State, Wahsingon. Up to the north and tucked right under Canada sits one of the coolest (and coldest) states in the Union. Home to Olympia, Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and so many other great American cities we just couldn't resist making a quick pitstop to check out the shopping scene. Here are our picks for the Top 10 Shopping Malls in Washington


For other Top 10 lists and all the latest indoor mapping news make sure to check out: www.micello.com/blog


1. Cascade Mall
Burlington, Washington
Stores: 81



2. Westfield Southcenter mall
Seattle, Washington
Stores: 225




3. Super Mall
Auburn, Washington
Stores: 137




4. Alderwood Mall
Lynnwood, Washington
Stores: 192




5. Spokane Valley Mall
Spokane, Washington
Stores: 135




6. Totem Lake Mall
Kirkland, Washington
Stores: 45




7. Kitsap Mall
Silverdale, Washington
Stores: 125




8. South Hill Mall
Puyallup, Washington
Stores: 132




9. Everett Mall
Everett, Washington
Stores: 115




10. North Town Mall
Spokeane, Washington
Stores: 173





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We’re excited to see the love for indoor maps spreading globally so we’ll be checking in on tons of different places around the world and bringing you maps of all the interesting places we find. If you’d like to use any one of our thousands of indoor maps in your application, simply visit www.micello.com/start to learn more!


Happy Mapping


The history of shopping malls in Texas go back to the 1930's in the Dallas-fortworth metroplex. The Houston area is home to numerous shopping malls and shopping centers throughout the lone star state.

Northpark Center
Dallas, Texas 
Stores: 230

North East Mall
Hurst, Texas
Stores: 118

The Galleria, Houston
Houston, Texas
Stores: 303

Grapevine Mills
Grapevine, Texas

The Parks at Arlington
Arlington, Texas
Stores: 197

Memorial City Mall
Houston, Texas
Stores: 139

Willowbrook Mall
Houston, Texas
Stores: 145

Deerbrook Mall
Humble, Texas
Stores: 133

The Woodlands Mall
The Woodlands, Texas
Stores: 178

The Shops at Willow Bend
Plano, Texas
Stores: 125



This week, over 25,000 people are gathering in New York at the National Retail Federation conference.

“It’s a mini-Davos for retail,” said Container Store Chief Executive Kip Tindell, who’s expected to be in Manhattan with seven other company executives. “It’s a pretty fertile ground to pick up some innovative ideas.”

If you are attending the show, Micello has the place mapped. Check it out below (if you cannot see the embedded map, please click here). Also, track all the social media and news on our NRF Annual 2013 Places Page






The next stop on our mapping journey is the beatuful sunshine state of Florida. Beautiful beaches, people, and shopping malls! Check out the top 10 shopping destinations in sunny Florida and with over 700 retail stores and shopping malls in that state, we couldn't think of a better place to visit.


For other Top 10 lists and all the latest indoor mapping news make sure to check out: www.micello.com/blog

1. Sawgrass Mills
Sunrise, Florida
Over 350 Stores
2. Aventura Mall
Aventura, Florida
Over 275 Stores
3. The Florida Mall
Over 235 Stores
4. Orlando Prime Outlets
Orlando, Florida
Over 215 Stores
5. Town Center At Boca Raton
Boca Raton, Florida
Over 215 Stores
6. Westfield Brandon
Brandon, Florida
Over 205 Stores
7. Miromar Outlets
Estero, Florida
Over 195 Stores
8. The Mall At Wellington Green
Wellington, Flofida
Over 180 Stores
9. International Plaza And Bay Street
Tampa, Florida
Over 180 Stores
10. The Avenues
Jacksonville, Florida
Over 170 Stores



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Happy Mapping!



Every day, we are adding new places to our maps collection. Micello.com/data_availability is an easy place to get a quick count and view into the indoor maps availability for any geography. 

The information is organized in alphabetical order by country. Map Coverage is expressed in either "Getting Started" (meaning a handful of venues), to "Medium" (meaning significant coverage in a single category like shopping malls) all the way to "High" (meaning lots and lots of maps). This page is a quick and easy way to see whether we are your neighborhood already.

Our coverage includes over 25 countries, with the United States by far being the coverage leader (naturally). Expect to see many more places coming in Japan, as well.

If you want to see all the places in 'map-view', check out micello.com/places. For additional details on each venue, check out the Places Analysis tool (requires log-in).

As always, never hesitate to let us know which venue you'd like to see covered. Simply request it online and we'll be in touch.


It's pretty hot in Australia right now and this year has been off the charts. The Atlantic Wire reported earlier today that in fact, its so hot that new colors had to be added to map of Australia to represent it. 

See that deep purple in the middle of this acne-red weather report from Down Under? That right there represents 129.2° F or 54 °C — it's a brand-new shade that the Australian bureau of meteorology was forced to add to its heat index because their country is, you know, kind of on fire. "The scale has just been increased today and I would anticipate it is because the forecast coming from the bureau's model is showing temperatures in excess of 50 degrees," David Jones, head of the bureau's climate monitoring and prediction unit, told The Sydney Morning Herald, which notes that the previous record high was 50.7°C (123°F), recorded in 1960 at Oodnadatta Airport in the southern part of Australia — right around where the new shades of hot are showing up today.

To give you an idea of just how uncomfortable this Australian heatwave really is, consider that it's just past midnight there right now ... and it's 95°F in Sydney. Doubly scary are the giant fire risks that come with the heat — risks so severe Australian officials are taking no chances and labeling the warning "catastrophic." "A 'catastrophic' warning carries the risk of significant loss of life and the destruction of many homes, according to the NSW Rural Fire Service," reports CNN.

Written by Alexander Abad-Santos (Source)

At Micello, we suggest spending more time indoors to stay cool! Check out our shopping destinations covering Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and other cities in Australia and New Zealand.


The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) opens tonight in Las Vegas with a keynote from Dr. Paul Jacobs, Qualcomm. It's looking to be an action-packed week with tons of new announcements every single day.

We've got the Las Vegas Conventon Center and the entire conference mapped and available for you! Check it out online and on your mobile phone.

Also, our Social Place Page (with Twitter, FourSquare, and Instragram integraton) will help you stay connected and up-to-date with all the announcements. Check it out here: www.micello.com/places/16702

For mobile, visit micello.com/m/16702 using your phone's browser. 

On a side note, the CES 2013 map consists of 3,140 individual booths, over 500 rooms, 20 primary entrances, over 960 walls and 778 doors. If this is your first time to CES, trust us, you will need the map. For CES veterans, we hope you don't get lost this time! :)


One of the most common questions asked everyday is how we decide and prioritize the places to map out first. 

The answer was pretty easy in the early day of Micello. We mapped as many places we could in our San Francisco and Bay Area neighborhood. As our coverage grew in 2011 and 2012, we focused on major metropolitan areas like New York, Florida and major cities. Today, we think about indoor maps by country (see our growing coverage on our Places Page or get individual details with our Places Analysis Tool
These days, as we plan out our coverage, the highest mapping priority is for places desired by customers, partners and our growing developer community. Today, we're pleased to tell you about the online Map Request Page available on micello.com which makes it easier request new places. 
Simply visit http://www.micello.com/maprequest (you'll need to login with your Micello account) and enter in the name of the place and additional details. You can also upload the floorplan, CAD drawing, photographs or any other information if you have it available. Also, you will automatically receive e-mail alerts as the map progresses through our maps-factory. The map status can also be tracked via your Account page (see screenshots below). Most maps are available withing 5 to 7 business days. We do not charge for making maps, so feel free to tell us all your favorite places and we'll get on it immediately! 
You can access the Map Request page from our Homepage, Workbench and other places on micello.com. If you have any questions, please contact info@micello.com or your Micello contact. 
Happy mapping!  

Happy new year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday break.  Micello-USA was closed in the last week of 2012 for a much-needed holiday break. We're back with our batteries fully re-charged and ready to kick off 2013. 

We're super excited with the adoption of indoor-location based services in 2012 and can't wait to show you some exciting developments happening in our ecosystem. To kick off the new year, we'd like to introduce you to our new Startup partners. These are a few of the visionaries with whom we are building the indoor ecosystem.

MallMate, based in Singapore, is building a social guide for shopping malls in Singapore. The moment you walk into a mall, MallMate tells you all about the stores and deals. Expect to see MallMate all over Asia in 2013! 
Contact information: http://www.micello.com/partners/mall-mate
Company website: http://www.mallmate.co/

AirportChatter, based in LA, is working on re-defining the way travelers interact with airports and airlines through a rich mobile platform and solution. They help you discover the airport around you! 
Contact information: http://www.micello.com/partners/airport-chatter
Company website: http://www.airportchatter.com/

SocialMaps, based in Sweden, is building an Android and iPhone application to enable real-time location sharing, both indoors and outdoors.
Contact information: http://www.micello.com/partners/social-maps-ab
Company website: http://www.socialmapsapp.com/

Shopsuey (by ShoppingMadeMobile)
Shopsuey, based in Hawaii, is currently in stealth mode and expected to launch in about 70 days. Enter your e-mail address on their website to stay updated!
Contact information: http://www.micello.com/partners/shopping-made-mobile-inc
Company website: http://shoppingmademobile.com/

NetClearance Systems
NetClearance Systems, based a few miles north of San Diego, is using proximity sensors to enable venue owners to send relevant information to their guests.
Contact information: http://www.micello.com/partners/netclearance-systems
Company website: http://beeceptible.com/

Guidebook, based in Mountain View, builds mobile apps for places and has been working with Micello throughout 2012 for conference maps.
Contact information: http://www.micello.com/partners/guidebook-inc
Company website: http://guidebook.com/

Next week, we'll introduce you to our partners who focus on indoor positioning! Please click here if you are interested in learning more about the Micello Partners program.

Best wishes to everyone for 2013!