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The idea behind creating Micello’s interactive map tool all started while creating our places page.  Our developers’ needed an easy way to expose the minute details of the map.  So we did just that.  The Ineractive Map Tool is designed to disclose as much information about a map as possible. Clicking anywhere on the map in the right hand pane will display information about what has been clicked in the left pane. Instantly having access to information like this can make life easier for someone using Micello's Javascript SDK.

Maybe you've heard of a 'click' event? Micello maps are always listening to the actions of the user, detecting clicks as well as zoom changes, floor changes, and navigation requests. Don't be surprised by how complex this sounds, it all happens behind the scenes and the end user isn't bothered by the details.
What if you're a developer? What if you need to know the ID of a particular store on a map, or get the X and Y coordinates of a point on the map? This is when the Interactive Map Tool is indispensable.  Another useful feature is the directory which displays a list of all the geometries on one floor of a map. The directory makes locating a “rogue geometry” much easier.
Finally, the Interactive Map Tool has a section, 'Tutorials & Help', which provides developers with some of the core concepts of working with the Micello Javascript SDK.  The information in this section not only sheds light on the organization of data within Micello maps, but also gives developers the tools to do what the Interactive Map Tool does in their own code! 
The thing that makes Micello maps truly amazing is the level of interactivity it provides to the user. Through the use of the Javascript SDK developers can experiment and influence the behavior of Micello maps to a practically unlimited extent.
Before you can access Micello’s Interactive Map tool, you’ll need to log-in.  This requires you to register with the Micello Map Network; if you haven’t registered yet, get started here!
For more information on Micello's Interactive Map Tool, visit micello.com and contact us!
August 24, 2012

Join us for an exciting evening of networking and learning about new technologies!

The Mobile Innovators Meetup is happening August 29, at PlugandPlayTechCenter in Sunnyvale, CA.  Networking begins at 7:00pm, and Ankit Agarwal will be on the panel at 7:30pm discussing industry trends, challenges, and opportunities.  
This event will feature a high powered panel to discuss industry trends, challenges, and opportunities. Our panelists, listed below, will be lead by Wade Roush, Chief Correspondent of Xconomy – San Francisco.
• Sid Bhatt, CEO of Aarki 
• Ankit Agarwal, CEO of Micello 
• Raj Lalwani, CEO of TinyView
• Chris Gottschalk, Vice President at Blumberg Capital  
Plug and Play’s Mobile Innovators meetup is dedicated to supporting the mobile community by creating a network of experienced entrepreneurs, developers, investors, and corporate partners to share ideas and best practices. The Mobile Innovators event will be a platform to showcase new technologies and network as the premiere mobile meetup in Silicon Valley. 
Don't miss it! Register for the Mobile Innovators Meetup here
August 22, 2012

Micello.com/places is a great way to view thousands of Micello maps all over the world. The Micello places page allows users and developers to view map locations, identify map types, and it takes the guess work out of finding the maps you need. What if you need to view all of our places, not on a map but in a list? Micello's Places Analysis Tool allows you to do just that. Just as the places page is a visual view map display, the Micello Places Analysis Tool is a list view- the same great maps, just a different view.   

With so many great maps in so many locations, Micello has taken the guess work out of it for developers. Now, you can access the Places Analysis page from the Micello.com homepage! If you are a registered developer, just click Developers, then select Tools- and voila, a detailed list of map data is displayed. 
The Micello Places Analysis Tool allows developers registered with Micello to search for a specific map type in a specific area. The data that is displayed from the completed search can be downloaded to a csv. file and used for that developers intended purpose.  Why is this list helpful? Let’s say you are a developer needing to know how many Micello airport maps are in California. Chances are you aren't going to have the time to search the Micello places page for each map that you need (and even if you do have the time, we don’t want you to); instead, go to the Places Analysis page and you can search by map type category, country and state, click apply, and the list of available map data appears before you can say Micello maps. 

The data shown in the list view is the same data present on the Micello Places page, only it does not display the map. If you would like to see the map, simply use the ID number displayed on the list view. For example, the first airport on the list is ID 825 - Burbank Bob Hope Airport. To see the live map, simply type micello.com/places/825 into your browser and you can view the Micello map. Don’t have time to view the maps, or take notes right away? Take the data with you. Simply click Download and you will have all the Micello Places Analysis data to take with you.  

For more information on Micello places or to use the Micello Places Analysis Tool, go to www. micello.com


August 21, 2012
Because our previous blog post Micello's Map Factory Expansion received such rave reviews, we decided to take you on a tour of our new office.  That's right, Micello has a new address!  Recently, our team in India transitioned to a new space and added some new faces.  We like to call it the "map factory", but this office is the creative epicenter for Micello maps. Welcome to our Ahmedabad office tour!
The new office is in a highrise office building that sits in an office park called Mauryansh Elanza.  As you enter the building you are greeted with a very modern lobby area.  This office is "state of the art", everything is new, modern and very efficient for our map making team.  I guess you could say Micello is "Movin on up", to the fifth floor to be exact.
The construction of the new space started as a blank canvas.  Essentially, we joined two offices in order to create one large map making space.  Yes, there was demolition!  We tore down a wall in order to open up the space, and knocked another hole in the exterior wall to install the air conditioning units.  We also built out a server room.  Toward the back of the office, we constructed a small space to house the server- now we can say we really do everything "in house".
Once the construction was complete, it was time for the fun stuff- furnishing the new space!  The Ahmedabad office is home to over 40 Micello employees consisting of Map Designers, Team Leaders, Administrative Professionals, Engineers, and we are growing quickly so, of course we need a lot of work space.  This new space features floor to ceiling windows, break room, and a friendly open work environment allowing for a great workflow set up.  
You can take the full live office tour by checking out the pictures documenting this entire process on our Facebook page.  We would like to give a special thank you to our Facebook friends; Jonethan Schalliol, Kushal Shah, Ranbijay Kumar, Sangeeta Bhatnager, Andy Pandharikar, Gary Zuber, Rucha Thaker, Alex Winston and many more who continue to support all of our progress at Micello.  Stay tuned for many more exciting updates from the indoor world!
August 17, 2012

Today, Micello celebrated our summer interns before they head back to school.  Ashwin and Rohan have spent their summer learning and experimenting at the Micello office, and today we treated them to a picnic lunch in honor of their last day (as interns) at Micello.  We always grow fond of our interns, but these summer interns have been a breath of fresh air around the office.  
Who are our summer interns?  Ashwin is entering his junior year at Monta Vista High School, and Rohan is a sophomore studying electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley.  Being surrounded with such young and driven individuals is a treat.  They are so eager to learn, and their excitement is infectious.
What did they do all summer?  As summer interns, they were given an assignment- make something, create something- start to finish on your own with little to no help.  That, they did.  What did they make?  We cant say just yet but I will tell you, it is pretty awesome, and very useful. 
You can read more about internships with Micello on our Internships page.  Remember, stay tuned for the big announcement from our summer interns project!  Good luck at school Ashwin and Rohan!


August 16, 2012

We are so excited to introduce you to our new space and the new faces at Micello's new office in Ahmedabad, India. Recently, our team of map makers transitioned to a much larger, “state of the art” working space, and welcomed new team members. Micello is dedicated to expanding our map coverage worldwide, and that means more space and more people! 

The construction of the space started with a blank canvas. Once walls were torn down and we added a little paint, the space was furnished with all of the essential map making needs and viola, Micello's Ahmedabad (Abad) office is open for business. This new space features floor to ceiling windows, a friendly open work environment (and of course, air conditioning).  

Micello's Ahmedabad office is where the magic happens. Commonly referred to as our "map factory", the Ahmedabad office is home to over 40 Micello employees consisting of Map Designers, Team Leaders, Administrative Professionals, Engineers, and we are growing quickly! Let’s meet some of the new faces!

Esha Juneja is the HR Manager and Ishita Shah is the Office Manager for Micello, India. These two ladies keep the office running smoothly.  Showcasing their skills, experience and savvy; they are the back bone of day-to-day operations. Their efforts in office organization, scheduling and overall team management make the office function on a daily basis. 

Surendra Deora and Kushboo Shah are Team Leaders for the Map Ops team at Micello, India. Team Leaders share their knowledge and skills as well as lead the team of map designers to make maps. 

Divya Vyas and Dilip Patel serve as Micello Quality Specialist.  Micello has a dedicated team of quality specialists to maintain the high quality maps we are known for.  

You can meet all of the Micello team on our Team page. Also, check out our interns page, where you'll find shared experience from previous Micello interns. You can see all of new office and team photos on our Facebook page. 

August 14, 2012

Back to school has never been so exciting!  Last week, Micello CEO Ankit Agarwal, had the opportunity to speak at Stanford.  Micello was invited by Professor Tom Kosnik to hold a lecture and discussion for two sessions of the E145 class.  

Class started with a music video to get everyone in the groove... shouldn't all classes begin this way?

A few weeks prior to this discussion, the students were given a case study featuring all things Micello. The class was divided into teams of mock companies that worked together to form their start-up. Each group worked together, with the Micello case study to determine what choices they would make given the same scenerio Ankit faced while building his start-up Micello, from day one. The outcome was phenomenal! Everyone was on the edge of their seat waiting to find out if they had made the same decisions as Ankit.

After each group discussed their decisions and defended their position, Ankit shared with group the actual decisions he made in the beginning and why. The majority of the class was on the same page, and even those that had disagreed, they stood by their decisions.  
As for Ankit, could he be enrolling for classes next term? I think he will stick with maps, unless Stanford calls again.
August 9, 2012
The Micello, Inc. headquarters in Sunnyvale, California has had a few changes lately.  The office is now displaying flags that represent Micello maps coverage across the globe!   You have probably noticed our homepage banners on micello.com that feature our map coverage, and now, the Micello office displays the flags to go along with that count.  
Have you ever wanted to plan your vacation shopping before you go, or find the closest bathroom to your airport terminal?  With thousands of indoor venue maps available, Micello makes it easy to find your way around shopping malls, airports, and casinos.  Currently, Micello maps are present in six countries across the globe, USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Singapore,  and the United Kingdom.  
Where are you going, where have you been, are you going back?  With Micello's expansive indoor venue maps coverage, you can find the maps you need around the places you'll be- and you can check them out before you go! These flags represent Micello's growing population of indoor venue maps.  Like a visual reminder of the "smart bar" on the Micello.com places page, each flag represents the places available in that country.  Don't see what you are looking for?  Request a map and Micello will alert you when it is ready! Stay tuned for more Micello office updates, and of course, more maps!  
August 7, 2012

Sensewhere's new indoor location app, snapp! is now available for download from Google Play. Sensewhere, the world leader in hyper local and indoor positioning solutions has partnered with Micello in order to bring customers this awesomely accurate indoor positioning application. 

Snapp! combines senswhere's leading indoor positioning, and Micello maps along with social activity. This allows users to see their friends updates on the indoor venue map! Snapp! ties in with a variety of social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare. Check out the video below to learn more about snapp!

July 26, 2012
If you have visited any of our places pages recently you have probably noticed a lot of social activity.  Micello Places has gone social.  Our indoor venue maps are not only reliable and accurate, they let you know all of the social activity taking place around your map.  
Because there is such a high overlap of Micello's mapped venues and places where people love to broadcast social media, the idea of a 'Social Place Page' was conceived.  We wanted to know what people were thinking and sharing in the thousands of venues we have mapped, so we brought the idea to life.
The Social Place Pages make use of several of the most powerful, and fun, features of the Micello Javascript SDK.  Several of the standard components of the map have been customized to enhance interactivity and incorporate data from third-party sources. Because Micello's maps are geo-accurate (representing their real world location in latitude and longitude), all that is needed to add points of interest to a map are their lat/lon coordinates. 
Beginning with the 'map pins' used to mark locations on the map, the Micello SDK was used to load custom pin graphics to represent the various data sources.  With intermediate Photoshop experience creating your own custom pins can be an easy way to add additional information to Micello maps.
To make the most of all the multimedia and HTML based content that is shared in social media the behavior of the 'info window' was also customized.  With the help of the Javascript SDK, custom HTML info windows can be tied to various locations on the map. In the case of the Social Place Pages this was leveraged by using a small info window to indicate the location on the map while a larger window displays the full content of the social media post. 
The 'Directory' tab below the map displays an interactive directory that can be helpful when trying to find a particular point of interest.  This is one of the more common (and practical) examples of using the Micello SDK.
For more information on the Micello SDK, please visit our Developers page.  This is where you can find everything developers need from the Micello indoor mapping world. 
July 25, 2012