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If you have visited any of our places pages recently you have probably noticed a lot of social activity.  Micello Places has gone social.  Our indoor venue maps are not only reliable and accurate, they let you know all of the social activity taking place around your map.  
Because there is such a high overlap of Micello's mapped venues and places where people love to broadcast social media, the idea of a 'Social Place Page' was conceived.  We wanted to know what people were thinking and sharing in the thousands of venues we have mapped, so we brought the idea to life.
The Social Place Pages make use of several of the most powerful, and fun, features of the Micello Javascript SDK.  Several of the standard components of the map have been customized to enhance interactivity and incorporate data from third-party sources. Because Micello's maps are geo-accurate (representing their real world location in latitude and longitude), all that is needed to add points of interest to a map are their lat/lon coordinates. 
Beginning with the 'map pins' used to mark locations on the map, the Micello SDK was used to load custom pin graphics to represent the various data sources.  With intermediate Photoshop experience creating your own custom pins can be an easy way to add additional information to Micello maps.
To make the most of all the multimedia and HTML based content that is shared in social media the behavior of the 'info window' was also customized.  With the help of the Javascript SDK, custom HTML info windows can be tied to various locations on the map. In the case of the Social Place Pages this was leveraged by using a small info window to indicate the location on the map while a larger window displays the full content of the social media post. 
The 'Directory' tab below the map displays an interactive directory that can be helpful when trying to find a particular point of interest.  This is one of the more common (and practical) examples of using the Micello SDK.
For more information on the Micello SDK, please visit our Developers page.  This is where you can find everything developers need from the Micello indoor mapping world. 
July 25, 2012

We're excited to announce that Micello has partnered with Sensewhere Ltd., the world leader in hyper-local and indoor positioning solutions.  What does this mean for Micello maps?  Users will continue to get the same high quality geo-accurate maps combined with Sensewhere's leading positioning technology to create an even greater indoor location based services experience.  
Both Micello and Sensewhere offer platforms and APIs to developers.  Combining these technologies is a showcase for developers looking to create applications and solutions using indoor venue maps and accurate positioning.  Check out some screenshots below of this winning combination.
You can read the full press release on the Micello and Sensewhere partnership here.
July 24, 2012
The Big Brand Hackathon is happening in San Francisco, June 16-18 at Madrone Studios. Micello will be on hand to answer questions about our Javascript API to help the hackers develop fun applications using indoor maps. 
Micello's Director of Customer Solutions, David Lo will be introducing Micello, and highlighting what Micello has to offer at the hackathon during the lightening talks at 10:45am..  What can you do with our Indoor Map API?  The Micello Javascript SDK offers many features including map controls, map layers, interaction features, customization, data integration and browser support.  With over 5,000 indoor venue maps, there is something for everyone!  Micello offers thousands of shopping mall maps in the USA, Canada, Australia and Singapore, over 100 airport maps, and several retail maps such as The Home Depot and Ikea.  Visit the Micello Big Brand Hackathon page for more information.  
The Big Brand hack recognizes developers as the New Creative Class for the mobile marketplace and puts them in front of the world’s most well-known consumer brands for two days as partners who can transform concepts into code and ideas into apps.  
What’s in it for you?  Hackers will be competing for more than 25K in cash and 20K in prizes. Brand giants Kraft Foods & The Home Depot will reward developers who design apps that drive brand awareness through social, location and other mobile services. Nokia will award developers 50 of its hot-selling Lumia devices for the best Window’s Phone apps, and Bravo TV will also be filming the hack as part of an upcoming reality show based on the Silicon Valley. 
Don't miss your chance to be part of the Big Brand Hackathon, register now!
June 15, 2012

We couldn't be happier to announce Don Weigel joining the Micello Advisory Board. Don is sharing his expertise on sales, marketing and product strategy with the Micello team. Don has been in the Geo technologies industry for over 20 years.  

Most recently Don was with deCarta as head of product management and corporate development where he led teams that built, and democratized the availability of location-based services. His team targeted developers, OEMs and mobile network operators providing alternatives to Google and Bing that enabled customers to control their own value chain with maps APIs, navigation, and local search.  Prior to joining deCarta, Don led solutions development and business development for Autodesk's geospatial division.  His team’s initiatives contributed to the company's record growth and leadership position in the telco/utilities/government geospatial markets.  He developed the product vision and strategy to merge geographic information system (GIS) and computer aided design (CAD) paradigms to create a new class of “GeoDesign” tools for building owners, civil engineers, urban planners, and utility designers.  At Trimble, Don started the Mobile Solutions Division and led product management and marketing. His teams built a SaaS and wireless services platform combining telemetry, “big data” analytics, embedded mobile hardware, and apps for location-based services, telematics, and mobile resource management to improve the way enterprises and OEMs manage their mobile workforces and provide services.  At ESRI Don held various executive positions during an 11-year span in which the company grew ten-fold to become the world's 4th largest privately held software company. He and his teams designed and developed apps and technologies that changed the way governments and enterprises gather and utilize spatial data for decision-making.  Prior to ESRI he was a GIS programmer/analyst.  He attended Cornell University where he focused on regional science and GIS.
We are so excited to have Don Weigel joining the Micello Advisory Board.  Don's experience and trusted leadership will shed new light on location based services as well as drive Micello's main focus- making really useful and accurate maps of your favorite places.  
June 5, 2012

Join the Location Intelligence for Enterprise USA and get the key strategies for unlocking B2B location intelligence revenues.

The Location Intelligence for Enterprise conference is happening in Chicago, June 14-15 at the Hilton Suites.  Micello's CEO Ankit Agarwal will be on the panel session discussing Cash In On the Indoor Location and Mapping Boom.  This is a hot topic that will answer many questions centered around indoor location based services.  Don't miss this Indoor Location and Mapping Session, Friday June 15th at 3:15pm. 

Location Intelligence for Enterprise is the USA’s premier location intelligence conference.  Focusing on to how effectively meet challenges faced by companies selling to enterprise in order to cash in on the Location Intelligence Boom.  Location Intelligence is now becoming a necessity rather than a luxurydon't be left behind in the race to adopt it.  What is the most effective strategy for companies to monetize location intelligence?  Make this a turning point for your company and discover, analyze and learn about the best ways to make huge profits in the B2B environment at the Location Intelligence for Enterprise conference.  

Find out more about the Location Intelligence for Enterprise conference, and register here

May 24, 2012

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The first thing you will see when you receive blueprint is the blue information box.  This box lets you know what to expect in the current issue of Blueprint. Directly below the introduction box is where the magic happens; here, you will find Micello product information, announcements, and maps- the latest and greatest news from Micello. 


Another great feature of blueprint is the conference data.  You can always find registration announcements for the most recent conference Micello will be attending or read all of the details from a previously attended event.  This is a great way to stay in touch with what is going on in the conference circuit as well as catching up on the Micello experience from recent events.  You will also find new maps or maybe just maps that are new to you.  EAch month, blueprint will feature a few indoor venue maps.  From shopping malls to airports and casinos, Micello has the maps you need for navigating the great indoors.  Follow the links, read all of the updates and visit the places page for all of these featured maps, maybe you'll find something you have been looking for!  You will also find general information about Micello like, we're hiring! 



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May 23, 2012

Join AAMA Social Media Conference to learn about the hottest social business and ideas that are transforming the world!

The AAMA Connect Series: Social Media Conference is happening in San Francisco, June 8 at the Ferry Plaza. Micello's CEO, Ankit Agarwal, will be on the panel for Entrepreneurship in Social Media, at 3:30pm.  Don't miss this hot topic Friday, June 8.

The conference will cover topics related to social media and its impact and implications, trends and opportunities in the U.S. and China,  including, branding and marketing through social reputation, social media for commerce, social media phenomenon in China, and social media 2.0 and beyond.
Founded in 1979, AAMA is the oldest and only pan-Asia focused networking organization in Silicon Valley. The organization’s mission is to develop critical relationships among Asian-Americans in the technology industry and high-tech professionals who share a passion for doing business in Silicon Valley and Asia.
Register for the conference here!
May 21, 2012

Check out this amazing video featuring a convergence of technologies, including Micello Indoor maps and our partner, SenionLab's indoor positioning!  Watch as Jimmy Pewtress uses Micello's indoor map of a shopping mall in the UK to direct him from one location to another, inside the shopping mall with the blue dot accurately tracing his every step along the way.  

Click the video below or here to watch. 


May 16, 2012

Dont miss your chance to join 80+ wireless executives for an executive-format, deep dive on what's new and changing in the retail channel. The Mobile Forum is happening May 3, 2012, at CSR Technology Inc., in Sunnyvale, CA. Micello CEO, Ankit Agarwal will be on the panel for Mobile in the In-Store Experience at 11am.

The retail segment is swelling with innovation and new companies, from getting consumers into stores, the in-store experience, and check-out options. Smartphones and connected mobile devices mean that consumers are walking around with potential "interactive marketing machines" right in their pocket at all times, so there's no surprise that many new ideas are focused on mobile as the key to driving brick and mortar commerce.

Come explore some of the companies and meet the people who are approaching this challenge with consumer-centric, merchant-centric, payment-centric, Social-centric, savings-centric…and more. Register here!

April 25, 2012

We have compiled a list of the busiest airports in the United States (according to the Wikipedia page).  The top 10 airports in the United States host over 256 million passengers each year.  Are you part of the 256 million?  Chances are your local airport is in the top 10!  Check out Micello Maps for all of the airports in different colors.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, GA

O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, IL

Los Angeles International Airport in Los Angeles, CA

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in Dallas/Fort Worth, TX


Denver International Airport in Denver, CO

John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, NY

George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston, TX

San Francisco International Airport in San Francisco, CA

McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, NV

Phoenix Sky Harbor INternational Airport in Phoenix, AZ

Over 100 airport maps are available via the Micello Developer Network.  Check it out if you are building an application or solution!

April 18, 2012