Micello Blog: Indoor Cartography

We are delighted to add Mark Lanphear to the Micello Advisory Board. Mark is an industry veteran with 20+ years of experience in the mobile, telecommunications,

and indoor location technology. Most recently, he was a Senior Global Sales & Business Development Executive at TeleCommunication Systems, Inc.(TCS) and has also worked at 2nd Jetty Partners, VOCEL and Openwave.

Mark has been a champion for the public safety market and developed a strategy, partner ecosystem, and demo for the FCC and wireless carriers showcasing the indoor maps as a requirement for public safety. Micello recently announced a partnership with GeoComm and the integrated solution was showcased at the recent National Emergency Number Association Conference (NENA 2016) held in Indianapolis. Special thanks to Mark for pursuing it. 

Micello has been interested in maps for public safety since 2011. Aneesh Chopra, US CTO visited Micello and encouraged us to think about maps for first responders. President Obama also referenced indoor maps in the State of the Union 2011 address.

Advisors play a critical role at Micello and help us grow into new areas. We're looking forward to Mark's leadership and guidance at Micello.



Today is an important day and milestone at Micello. We're announcing an integration and partnership with GeoComm, the company that keeps over 84 million people safe in the United States by providing Emergency 911 solutions. With this partnership, Micello is taking its first step into maps for public safety. Special thanks to Mark Lanphear (Micello Advisor) for pursuing this partnership and integration.

 GeoComm Highlights:

  • 20+ years experience in providing turnkey emergency 9-1-1 development services to county governments. 
  • Headquartered in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
  • 12,000+ dispatchers.
  • 800+ emergency 9-1-1 call centers in U.S.
  • Helping to keep 84+ million people safe.

In layman's terms, GeoComm provides software, called GeoLynx, that helps dispatch guide first responders to the scene of an emergency. Micello is providing indoor maps so that if an emergency is at a shopping mall, school, museum, library, hospital, college building and other places in our communities, dispatch will have immediate access to the latest map to appropriately help first responders.

Several years ago we had the opportunity to host Aneesh Chopra, the first-ever U.S. Chief Technology Officer, at MHQ. Aneesh encouraged us to think about how indoor maps could be used by emergency first responders. President Obama himself in the State of Union 2011 said "It's about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device.” (Aneesh Chopra wrote that into the President's speech after meeting with Micello!).

GeoComm will be showing demonstrations at the NENA 2016 Conference in Indianapolis this week.

You can read about the official announcement online here.


Today is the first day of the GeoIoT World conference in Brussels. We are excited to announce that Micello will power the Location TestBed.

Attendees of the conference will be given the opportunity to try first hand more than a dozen indoor location technologies on the same floor through demonstrations throughout the two days of the conference. Many of the solutions, including our partners indoo.rs and SenionLab, will be demonstrating their technology with Micello maps! 

The conference will provide a unique, real-life test of indoor location technologies powered by Micello indoor map of Hotel Marivaux, the official venue for GeoIoT World 2016. Here's the super detailed map for you.

We are excited to see the results of the competition. The results will be shared by Grizzly Analytics containing the full test results, analysis of the results, and ranking.  For more details, please check out our official announcement online

As always, we will keep you up to date with everything happening in the indoor world. 



Knowledge16 is round the corner. It is one of the IT service management industry’s leading conference that unleashes the power of future fueled by service.

The event is larger than life with 10,000+ professionals sharing their ideas and expertise over a period 1 week. It is the best time to engage with the service management buyers who are looking for solutions to modernize the enterprise.

Chock-a-block with pre-conference education, breakout sessions & Labs, ExpoNow, Hackathon and much more exciting things at Knowledge16 this year.

Event dates: 15th-20th May

Venue: Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Micello team is also going to be there at the event, come and join us in the creative excitement. Hoping to see you there!

P.S. - We had absolutely incredible time at Knowledge16 beginning by helping the ServiceNow team in Facility Management session on Day 1. Ankit Agarwal (CEO) and Asit Vacchani (Engineering)  presented during the Facility Management Session. We had a prominent spot at the ServiceNow booth while the team was showing their customers the new modern indoor maps experience. 

Day 2 was lined up with demos and meetings, our maps were also featured in the Keynote by ServiceNow COO, Dan McGee and GM HR/Facilities Deepak Bharadwaj in front of a 10,000+ audience!


We welcome mousebird consulting to our marketplace. Mousebird consulting is the maker of an open source map toolkit for iOS called WhirlyGlobe-Maply.

WhirlyGlobe-Maply is used in a variety of atlas, weather, aviation and map applications. WhirlyGlobe-Maply has both a 3D interactive globe and a 2D flat map experience for iOS and Android devices.

Westfield Valley Fair Mall map display on WhirlyGlobe-Maply

With this partnership, our customers can now use the WhirlyGlobe-Maply iOS SDK to render our indoor maps and develop native mobile solutions on iOS devices. You can read more about the official announcement online.  



Our conference map for App World North America conference is up and running inside the official conference app.

The super detailed map can help you locate all the entrances, escalators and guide you from one booth to the other while you explore the biggest annual conference that brings together the leaders of the IoT evolution & start-ups.  


Screenshots of the Micello maps within the conference app

If you’re going to visit Santa Clara Convention Center for Apps World North America conference then download the event app. This app allows you to check the conference agenda, take part in the interactive polling sessions, search exhibitors and navigate through the indoor map, receive updates, access to exclusive presentation slides and connect with peers. 

A special thank you to our new partner Jujama for including Micello maps!




Comtech Telecommunications at Internet of Things World 2016 is showing a live demo of a cloud-based indoor position calculation and solution. 

Comtech Telecommunications Corp. is a leader in technology market for designing, developing, producing and marketing innovative products, systems and services for advanced communications solutions. You might have heard about their acquisition of TeleCommunication Systems last year. 

Micello Data API (PNG) being used within Comtech Telecommunications Location Studio.A breadcrumb trail of Comtech Telecommunications's indoor tracking device on the map.

 Detailed interior map overlayed on Comtech Telecommunications's exterior map of the area around the convention center.

Comtech Telecommunications team will be presenting a use case wherein a representative equipped with the tracking device will walk over in the exhibition hall while their Hybrid Positioning Engine will do a real-time cloud based position calculation. All this will be relayed live on top of the Micello indoor map in booth # 807. The demo also includes the Micello indoor map as a zoom layer in their Asset Tracking platform.

We’re excited about the live demo, come and join us at IoT World at 2 pm today. Here’s our map to find your way to booth # 807 quick and easy. Simply search for Comtech Telecommunications and the map will show you the navigation. Hope to see you there! 



We have mapped out Santa Clara Convention Center for IOT World 2016 conference. If you are visiting the conference then our indoor map will lead you to the exact booth or area of the conference you want to be at.

Internet of Things World 2016 is the world’s largest and most comprehensive IoT event. It is an awesome opportunity to hear 350+ speakers sharing their expertise and visit booths of 200+ exhibitors and get to know 150+ start-ups. Don’t miss out on exploring endless possibilities of learning and networking at this event.

Here’s our comprehensive indoor map of the venue that will make finding your way through the convention center much easier.






We are excited to announce our integration with Pole Star, a global leader and pioneer in location based indoor positioning services. As a part of the integration, Pole Star’s partners and customers will have immediate access to thousands of Micello’s indoor maps to build their indoor location services. 

Pole Star, founded in 2002 and based in the United States and France, is the pioneer and world leader in indoor location. Pole Star’s mission is to deliver high performance and complete range of indoor location services for venue owners and mobile solution providers covering over 100 million square feet of indoor areas worldwide.

The integration between Pole Star NAO Cloud and Micello indoor maps makes it easier for the venue owners to implement and deploy indoor location services at their venues.

You can read more about the official announcement online.



We are excited to announce our integration with Sprooki, our first marketplace company based in Asia. Sprooki is Asia’s leader in mobile engagement for retailers and shopping malls. The core focus of the Micello and Sprooki partnership is to meet the rising demand for location-based mobile commerce in Asia.

Sprooki provides the most comprehensive and effective mobile engagement “toolkit” with response and conversion rates which are five-times more effective compared with other communication platforms. Micello's mapping and navigation services are integrated directly into Sprooki’s platform and client applications throughout Asia.

You can read about the official announcement online from here.