Micello Blog: Indoor Cartography

We are excited to announce our integration with SenionLab’s StepInside, a powerful indoor positioning system suite.

Shopping malls, hospitals, event venues, industrial buildings and offices can quickly integrate with this system for getting real-time analysis and statistics of crowded areas or visitors flow within a venue. StepInside is powered by our accurate indoor maps and a dedicated ‘Micello Import’ button makes it easy for our customers to integrate our map(s) into StepInside.

If you are interested in integrating with SenionLab, please contact us.

You can read about the official announcement here.




We have been busy creating a whole new experience for you to explore the great indoors with our maps. Our latest upgradation of Map Editor tool makes it easy for you to suggest edits on an indoor map of any venue you are at.

Indoor maps of several public venues especially shopping malls are quite dynamic, many shops change its location within a building or merges with the other shops. In such a scenario, our Map Editor tool allows you to make the edits on the indoor map itself and send us a request for updating the map. The tool is also called Field Collection tool as it collects an on-field data of a venue.

The all new enhanced Map Editor tool comes with a useful bunch of features, it enables you to change names and addresses of point-of-interest, merge, split, and delete objects on the map. You can also add pictures and rotate the map using this tool. One of the interesting features of this tool is ‘Annotate’, using this you can write any of your suggestions/comments in a text box and pin it wherever you wish to make the edit on the map.  To learn more about them, please check out our user guide here.


We are excited to announce our integration with MySeat, a Canada based company offering innovative solutions for optimizing workspace.

MySeat sensors help you to optimize your work spaces, tracking occupancy level and a series of ambient factors influencing directly productivity. Ideal for conference rooms and cubical spaces in corporate business offices and even tables and bar seats at restaurants. MySeat's sensors are paired with our indoor maps and data to provide space analytics and real-time occupancy maps enabling the companies to efficiently manage the workspace. 

To know more about the official announcement online, please click here.




Are you into real estate business and looking for latest technology to augment your business? If yes, then our talk along with our partner eeGeo at Virtual Reality Developers Conference - GDC  is going to address to your issue.

We are going to discuss all about leveraging Virtual Reality (VR) & 3D in real estate market. Our CEO, Ankit Agarwal is going to spill the beans on indoor maps while Bart Denny, Product & Business Development from eeGeo is going to share some invaluable insights into VR & 3D mapping.

3D modeling has been the most popular way to represent facilities in the Real Estate market since long. But the latest innovation is Mobile VR which has the potential to put 3D representations into the hands of millions. The start-ups in Real Estate can leverage through the impressive 3D visualizations of their buildings with better user experience.

So make sure you are there to catch up more about how 3D maps and augmented reality is creating waves on the present day’s real estate market and how can you explore it for your advantage in business.

Address: 995 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

Date & Time: 16th March between 5:00 to 7:00 pm (PDT).

Happy mapping!



We are excited to announce our integration with SystemicsCode's AdMoln platform, an Ad- Exchange platform for delivering next-generation programmatic targeted advertisements.

With this integration, AdMoln platform will be powered by our accurate indoor maps for providing contextual and location-based intelligence to mobile advertisements. Attracting the right target audience at the right time and at the right place becomes possible with this integration as real-time deals and offers are displayed on the indoor map of a venue. This is an excellent mobile ads platform for shopping malls, retailers and airports.

You can read about the official announcement here. If you are interested in using SystemicsCode’s solution, please contact us.



Mobile World Congress is the mobile industry’s biggest annual gathering organized by GSMA. The event is held every year at the mobile world capital in Barcelona, Spain. The gathering is a gigantic one with 2100 exhibitors and 95,000+ attendees for 4 days, spread across multiple halls in two storeys.

As always, we’ve mapped out every single corner of the venue including the location of each company’s booth, meeting rooms, seating area, catering outlet, rest rooms and much more. So while you explore ‘everything mobile’ and attend the most important event for your business, our indoor map will guide you to the exact POI (Point of Interest) you wish to be at inside the venue. The map displays the easiest and shortest route from one particular point to the other making it easy for you to navigate throughout the venue.

Make your way through Fira Gran Via, Barcelona for Mobile World Congress, 2016 with our super detailed indoor map from here:




Hey Sidd, congratulations on finally tying the knot from all of us @Micello! :)

Siddharth Khasgiwala (our very own @Sidd) is a talented software engineer at Micello who loves to code, have chai (tea) and make others smile. A software engineer by training and genuinely a wonderful person who loves to spread happiness all around.

Sidd is a Socrates fan who ultimately believed in the saying, "By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll become happy, If you get a bad one, you will become a philosopher."

Good luck, Sidd! All the best to you and Shubhi.

PS: You don’t need to hoard food in your desk anymore. Shubhi will make sure you don’t go hungry!




We are excited to announce our integration with eeGeo which provides an impressive 3D mapping and visualization platform.

With the partnership, Micello maps can be automatically imported into the eeGeo platform and viewed seamlessly in 3D with the outdoor world. eeGeo is also integrating Micello into its developer tools and SDKs to make it simple for you to add 3D indoor maps to your mobile application. Also, try real live examples in eeGeo’s Recce proof of concept application, available on iOS and Android devices.

If you are interested in converting your indoor maps into an interactive 3D experience, please contact us.

You can read more about the official announcement here



It was that thrilling time of the year again for all the American football aficionados. While we still revel in the excitement of Super Bowl 50, we have Levi’s Stadium mapped, out of a sheer feeling of enthrallment for all football fans like us.

The Denver Broncos have nailed it at Super Bowl 50, they are the champion of National Football League for 2015 season. 

To top it all, Super Bowl 50 was a super star-studded event. Lady GaGa stunned millions of people with her version of  'The Star-Spangled Banner', considered one of the best performances ever at NFL Super Bowl. Half-time show by Beyonce, Coldplay and Bruno Mars was a huge success too and Beyonce rocked the stadium with her latest 'Formation' song and also announced her world tour at the Levi's Stadium.

Hope you all didn't miss out on any of the fun and enjoyed it to the core, just like us.

Here’s a super detailed map of the Levi's stadium for you. 





We are excited to announce our integration with indoo.rs, an Austrian company with impressive indoor positioning technology.

As part of the integration, Micello maps can now be automatically imported into the Indoo.rs tools and products. With the Indoo.rs SDK, you can easily integrate real-time indoor positioning services within your mobile app.

Indoo.rs indoor positioning is accurate and works well in shopping malls, airports, hospitals, and all kinds of other places. The Indoo.rs team is running a special promotion for Micello customers. If you are considering to deploy an indoor positioning service at your venue, please contact us to set up a trial with Indoo.rs. You can read more about the official announcement here.