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We’re very excited to share with all of you the details of the Sears Retail Hackathon coming up this weekend in New York. We’ll be offering a $500 cash prize for the Best use of Micello’s SDK. We hope all of you can join us this weekend because what better way to kick off the summer than to take home some cash, win a partnership with Sears and hack for a weekend!


sears hackathon tablet.png

We’re going to make 100 Sears and Kmart store maps available on our API for hackers to build an awesome working prototype. Sears is issuing the challenge to all worthy hackers who think they have what it takes to wow them. We’re hoping you can wow us as well!

We’re including the details of the event below. Just for fun, we’ll throw in some examples of how our customers are using Micello to help spark your creativity!

Make sure to also check out Sears’ other API partners before the competition starts to enhance your app!

apigee.jpgfoursquare.pngmashery.jpg  twilio.pngawslogolarge.png

Here are the challenges:

Target Area: Ratings and Reviews

Rating and reviews drive customer decisions and purchases every day. How does Sears Holdings Corporation increase the number of reviews on its sites? What is the next evolution of Ratings & Reviews? How can Sears make it easier for customers to get product advice to make informed purchasing decisions?

Target Area: Baby Category

Sears Holdings Corporation has an incredibly strong lineup of baby products with everything from baby furniture and strollers to health and safety devices to clothes and toys. How could Sears get more customers who are known to shop for baby online and mobile with various retailers, to shop for baby products on sears.com? How can we build more awareness of our great online baby assortment?


iphone westfield 1.png                                          iphone westfield 2.png

Westfield Labs: www.westfield.com.au


Target Area: Post Purchase Support

The sale may end once the customer purchases, but it is just the beginning of the relationship with Sears Holdings Corporation. Regardless of the product purchased, how can technology help Sears give a great post-purchase experience and help them to continue to engage with their members in a valuable way and ultimately, get them to recommend Sears to their friends.

Target Area: Sears PartsDirect

Sears PartsDirect has a catalog of over 7 million replacement parts and accessories including lawn and garden equipment, kitchen appliances, and other household items. How can we use social and/or mobile technology to get people to buy all their replacement parts and accessories from Sears, regardless of whether they bought an appliance directly from a manufacturer or from another retailer? Using this catalog, can you create a digital experience or technology that will help Sears discover and target anyone needing a replacement part or accessory?


LapTop burger king.png

Expremio Marketing: www.henriairportplaza.ro


Who: Early-stage startups or devs (Android, iOS, etc.) -- Sears Holdings Corporation (Sears, Kmart, ShopYourWay.com), one of the largest retailers in the US, wants to innovate, and they’re looking for fresh ideas and potential partners to introduce at their retail stores and to their national customer base.

What: Sears presents their business problems; companies (startups) and individuals (devs) create solutions or expand upon their own existing ones over an intense weekend of coding (platform agnostic but Android solutions especially welcome). Early-stage startups and devs can compete to win top prizes. Sears wants to discover you or your startup and explore how they can build working relationships and partnerships with the smartest minds on the East Coast.

How: Register as an individual (dev) or company (startup). Create a new project or build on existing products and projects - the code does not need to be fresh and new. You keep all intellectual property. Participants must only present a working demo of the product to the judges on the final day that applies to one of the challenge categories and integrates a Sears API.

Why Beyond the obvious top prizes, meet with top execs from Sears Holdings Corporation and demo your product to them. Test your ideas, receive feedback from industry experts, and see if you have what it takes to scale your technology to the next level. Startup winners have the opportunity to form a partnership with Sears and deliver their products to the brand’s vast customer base; devs can cash in their ideas without having to commit to supporting their products full time.

When: June 7-8, 2014, Reception June 5

Where: WeWork Soho Lounge, 154 Grand Street, New York, NY


we work map.PNG


Sharing: This is a social event. Feel free to talk about this evening using hashtag #SearsDevChallenge

Good Luck Hackers!

June 7, 2014

Charlotte Douglas International Airport is a joint civil-military public international airport located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Charlotte, NC


September 13, 2013

The Fuqua School of Business is the business school of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, United States. It currently enrolls 1,340 students in degree-seeking programs.

Duke Fuqua School of Business
Durham, NC


September 13, 2013

From the mountains to the coast, there are hundreds of outlets and malls in North. Carolina. So much variety and to choose from, top designer cloths to some of the best foods in the state. Come on down and have a blast in North Carolina!!!

Asheville Mall
Asheville,N. Carolina
Over 100 stores

Carolina Place
Pineville,N. Carolina
Over 120 stores

Cary Towne Center
Cary,N. Carolina
Over 120 stores

Concord Mills
Concord,N. Carolina
Over 150 stores

Cross Creek Mall
Fayetteville,N. Carolina
Over 95 stores

Four Seasons Town Centre
Greensboro, N. Carolina
Over 170 stores

Friendly Center
Greensboro,N. Carolina
over 160 stores

Hanes Mall
Winston-Salem, N. Carolina
Over 215 stores

Northlake Mall
Charlotte,N. Carolina
Over 150 stores

Triangle Town Center
Raleigh,N. Carolina
Over 120 stores











September 13, 2013

Luxor Las Vegas is a hotel and casino on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada. The 30-story hotel, owned and operated by MGM Resorts International, has a 120,000-square-foot casino with over 2,000 slot machines and 87 table games

Luxor Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, NV
Over 84 rooms



September 11, 2013

With everything from charming small town shops to malls and outlets to high-end boutiques, make sure your travel plans in Nevada include shopping. Only in Nevada can you find cowboy boots to high heels and antiques to contemporary pieces all in one trip.

Fashion Outlets of Las Vegas
Primm, Nevada
Over 80 stores



Fashion Show
Las Vegas, Nevada
Over 200 stores



Las Vegas Premium Outlets
Las Vegas, Nevada
Over 145 stores



Meadowood Mall
Reno, Nevada
Over 95 stores



The Boulevard Mall
Las Vegas, Nevada
Over 145 stores



The Forum Shops at Caesars
Las Vegas, Nevada
Over 145 stores



Montecito Marketplace I and II
Las Vegas, Nevada
Over 35 stores



Centennial Gateway
Las Vegas, Nevada
Over 55 stores




September 11, 2013

McCarran International Airport is the principal commercial airport serving Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada, United States. The airport is five miles south of downtown Las Vegas, in the unincorporated area of Paradise in Clark County.

McCarren Las Vegas International Airport
Las Vegas, NV



September 11, 2013

Location-based Service Market in North America 2012-2016

Predictions have been made that the location based industry has increased by 24.48%. Some of the factors associated with the growth is due to increasing adoption of location enabled smartphones and tablets. The use of location based services have also jumped due to targeted advertisement when it comes to shopping and local deals. The market has a number of big players who use location based services, some of these companies are Foursquare, Navteq, TeleNav, and TomTom.

“Precision Retailing” and Indoor location-based promotions

The potential of what smart phones with GPS technology are not being used to their full potential. We only see the common use of smartphones for mobile payments, digital signage and coding. What really needs to happen is to focus on individual shoppers, with focused advertisement. 
Targeting shoppers who are in shopping malls is key, it draws their attention to retailers especially if there is a ongoing deal for merchandise that they might be interested in. The issue is being able to capture real time data at precise locations so that retailers know more or less what products are attracting customers. With time as a number of companies find ways to increase their precision technology then we can expect to see some real marketing activity.


YFind Acquired by Ruckus Wireless 

http //www.directionsmag.com/channels/location-based-services/blogs/yfind-acquired-by-ruckus-wireless/341395
Ruckus Wireless has currently acquired YFind who currently launched its retailHQ as a way to track customers in real time. This allows reports to be created with the data of what areas within a store customers are targeting. The two companies are now working together to combine their technology to transform Ruckuses Wi-Fi networks into location-intelligent networks.

New Indoor Navigation Player Taps Dead Reckoning and Data Fusion

http //www.directionsmag.com/channels/location-based-services/blogs/new-indoor-navigation-player-taps-dead-reckoning-and-data-fusion/341153
Movea's indoor navigation system has been tested recently in France and the University Station in Seoul, South Korea. The test was a success! Their system uses an accelerometer for signal, magnetometer, gyroscope, pressure sensor, Wi-Fi, GPS, and matching against known maps. The application will ask for your height as a way to predict the length of your steps and the magnetometer is used as a compass and to show which way you are facing. The application is highly sophisticated with all the component sets that are used, but an very important piece is ensuring that map matching that is being used is accurate. These maps are the foundation needed in order for the technology to function properly.

How’s Apple’s Mapping Strategy Working?

http //www.directionsmag.com/channels/location-based-services/blogs/hows-apples-mapping-strategy-working/340933
Slate magazine wrote an article on apples progress in their mapping strategy and have said that its progress is going just fine and that Apples maps dont need to beat googles, they just need to be good. What that means is if Apples maps are good then it puts pressure on Google to make their maps even better.

Apple Acquires HopStop

http //www.directionsmag.com/channels/location-based-services/blogs/apple-acquires-hopstop/340916
Apple aquires a transit company called Hopstop, Apple is starting to really boost up on their interest in location based services. Apple has not included public transit in their app yet which many people relied on the third party app Hopstop for those services. Apple has made things easy now by purchasing the company so their customers no longer need to use other apps to find public transit information.

CSR’s SiRFstarV 5e GNSS Chip Better, Stronger, Faster

http //www.directionsmag.com/channels/location-based-services/articles/csrs-sirfstarv-5e-gnss-chip-better-stronger-faster/339244

CSR has debuted their SiRFstarV 5e GNSS chip which is said to be better, stronger, and faster. Questions were asked on how the new chip has outdone is past models, one question was asked about its power saving modes. The response was that the chip has a built in location engine that allows the system host to sleep since its not needed for positioning. The question of can this chip someday be used in glasses such as those that google has created? The response was that most wearable navigations gadgets need to have low power consumptions while having good performance. Most phones are small yet they contain a much larger battery capacity while still maintain the good performance. The last question that was brought up was in regards to if there would be a indoor/outdoor chip in the near future? The response given was that there are complications associated with the technology with indoor signal. The needed technology would have to be brought upon by the use of MEMS (microelectromechanical systems.)


Blue Bite and ADstruc Offer Near Field Communication Options for Location-based Marketing

http //www.directionsmag.com/channels/location-based-services/articles/blue-bite-and-adstruc-offer-near-field-communication-options-for-location-b/339243
Blue Bite is being used in location-based advertising and marketing. Blue Brite hopes to get a more direct consumer engagement as well as better data to the ad buyer. Currently this form of method is being used by 25% of the industry but is slowly increasing as methods are being created and modified. The possibilities are endless which makes things very interesting when it comes to marketing. The technology is constantly changing as companies make new discoveries or join forces to become more efficient. Its only a matter time until the next location based service breakthrough will emerge.

Nokia HERE Maps Now Includes 49,000 Indoor Building Maps 

http //www.directionsmag.com/channels/location-based-services/blogs/nokia-here-maps-now-includes-49000-indoor-building-maps/336845
Nokia Announces that its HERE venue maps that are made available for Nokia's Lumia devices and bing maps have reached 49,000 buildings in 45 countries. The buildings include stadiums, theme parks, historic streets, and other outdoor spaces.

September 9, 2013

Often referred to as DIA, is an airport in Denver, Colorado. At 140 square kilometres (35,000 acres) it is the largest airport in the United States by total area, and the second largest airport in the world after King Fahd International Airport.

Denver International Airport
Colorado, CO




September 9, 2013

Whether you’re looking for the latest fashions or rare antiques, you’ll find it in Colorado's unique shopping venues. From major shopping districts to exclusive boutiques, brand names to one-of-a-kind creations, Colorado offers great shopping all over the state.

Aspen Grove
Littleton, Colorado
Over 30 stores



Chapel Hills Mall
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Over 130 stores



Cherry Creek Shopping Center
Denver, Colorado
Over 140 stores



Colorado Mills
Lakewood, Colorado
Over 180 stores



FlatIron Crossing
Broomfield, Colorado
Over 160 stores



Foothills Mall
Fort Collins, Colorado
Over 90 stores



Front Range Village
Fort Collins, Colorado
Over 60 stores



Mesa Mall
Grand Junction, Colorado
Over 100 stores



Northfield Stapleton
Denver, Colorado
Over 50 stores



Park Meadows
Lone Tree, Colorado
Over 150 stores




September 9, 2013