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A new article highlighting the benefits of indoor location-based search was recently published by entrepreneur.com. Author and digital marketing consultant Brett Relander, highlights some of the most important features that indoor location-based technologies can have on both big and small businesses. Make sure to check out the full article at http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/238184.

Just in case you are crunched for time, here are some of the main points included in the article:


  • “Americans spend more than 80% of their time indoors.”

  • “By 2016, there will be more than 200,000 indoor locations across America featuring indoor LBS technology.”

  • “LBS can be combined with mobile marketing via digital place-based media (DPb) that communicates with consumers on the move and invites them to a store. Once implemented, LBS technology provides an enhanced search and shopping experience. Shoppers can locate objects with ease, and also call for service when needed.”

  • “Businesses can up-sell and cross-sell in real time based on a customer’s search preferences. For example, a person purchasing a printer can be guided to ink cartridges available at a discounted rate.”

  • “Physical tracking of a customer inside a store yields useful information on behavior. The data can be used to create personalized offers and plan the layout of stores, so that customers can enjoy an experience as intuitive and seamless as possible.”

  • “Storage, stock-keeping and retrieval of stock keeping units (SKUs) become easier.”

  • “Malls and garages can implement a smoother parking and vehicle locating system.”

  • “Mobile payments are another function that can be integrated into LBS apps. Shoppers can be given the option of making an in-store purchase and taking home the purchased items or arranging for delivery.”


So with the holiday season just around the corner, there has never been a more important time to jump on the indoor location-based train. Connecting your guests with deals, important POIs, and vendors can help make the holiday truly special for avid shoppers.

To learn more about how you can start your indoor location journey today, visit www.micello.com/start. To keep up to date on all the latest indoor mapping news, make sure to check www.micello.com/blog to hear about awesome new features and trends.

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Emergency mockup.png

Emergency maps have played a big role for the first responders that enter a building in order to help injured victims and eliminate threats. Every day, these brave men and women risk their lives by entering a building with very little information in order to get innocent people to safety and hopefully, save the lives of people in danger. Emergency Response technology has come a pretty long way since its introduction, but we think indoor maps that are capable of tracking the location of threats, victims and safety equipment can make it even better, and maybe even save lives in the process!

Here are just a few features that make Micello’s platform capable of enhancing the emergency response technology:

People Tracking: This is one of the biggest obstacles that police and fire face when they enter a building. How many people are in the building? Where are these people? Is a threat still imminent and if so, where is the threat located? The answer to these questions can ultimately mean life or death for the people inside the building. We’ve created a sophisticated open-architecture platform that utilizes various data formats and partner technologies to make the indoor maps do so much more than what a basic emergency floor can show. Tracking user locations is easy with geo-accurate maps that knows the exact real-time coordinates of people’s smartphones inside the building. This means that no matter what condition the person in danger is in, as long as their smartphone is still operating, their location can be pinpointed by first responders on a Micello map. Connecting the locations of both victims and emergency personnel can make it easy to protect the safety of both parties involved.

Equipment Tracking: Having the right safety equipment is also vital in life or death situations. Fire extinguishers and first aid are two important pieces that initially come to mind in an emergency. Knowing exactly where this equipment is can decide whether someone gets the treatment they need in time in order to survive. Micello’s maps are well equipped to display the location of every piece of emergency equipment in the building (even if it is constantly moving). Every object on our maps are assigned a unique geometry address that make it easy to connect your internal tools with the IDs on the map.

Open Architecture: We know how important it is to be able to tie in various tools together in order to make them work more efficiently. Our maps come in all different types of data formats so that developers can ensure fluid transition from outdoor aerial monitoring to interior maps. Additionally, the ability to overlay content, manage the application, and have full control over the map means that our indoor maps can be incorporated into almost any existing emergency response technologies, whether they are internal or outsourced (just make sure to request Micello to be your new map provider in your next meeting).

We’re proud of the great inventory of maps we are building. With well over 25,000 indoor venues already, we’re excited that we can partner with emergency response technologies to help first responders. Building maps and saving lives is what we love to do!

To learn about indoor maps for emergency response, fill out our contact form and we’ll gladly get in touch. To keep up to date on all the latest indoor wayfinding news, check out www.micello.com/blog

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Movie Theater Map.png

Think back to the last time you went to go see a movie, sporting event, concert etc. If you’re like the rest of the us who love these outings, then chances are you first went online to check the movie times, drove and parked your car in some hard to reach parking space, stood in line to buy tickets, stood in another line to buy snacks, then frantically tried to scan a dark theater to find an open seat for you and your party. You know with all the technologies that have changed in our lifetimes, buying tickets can seem pretty archaic. In a world filled with instant streaming, communication, and purchasing directly from your mobile device, buying a movie ticket almost feels like you’ve jumped in a time machine and went back to 90s. Ugh, the horror !

Well maybe it’s not quite that bad, but with the kinds of technologies that have been developing since then, we think buying movie tickets and snagging the best seat in the house should be even easier.

Enter the Micello theater map. This lightweight, geo accurate seating map is just one step forward toward discovering a whole new way to buy your movie tickets.

There are a couple of things that make Micello’s theater maps different than the kinds of static PDFs that you may find out there:

  1. Map ID System: Each and every map that Micello publishes on their indoor map API is built using our proprietary map making process. When the maps are published, developers will find that every object on the map contains a unique geometry ID that can be then tied in directly with the developers application events. When we say every object, we are talking from the screen itself, all the way down to the bathrooms, and individual seats, each with their own geometry ID. This means that paying and reserving your seat before you even walk into the theater is now all possible.

  1. Developer Controls: As previously mentioned, Micello builds so much more than just a heavy PDF. Micello builds interactive indoor maps that developers have full control over the features of the map. Building a great application that brings multiple technologies together always works better when the individual components of the new technology can be customized to match the overall application.

  1. Cross Platforms: We recognize the growing trend of building one application to rule them all. We’re seeing many clients come to use wanting to take advantage of our extensive JavaScript SDK so that they only have to build one application that can be used across multiple devices. And for purchasing movie tickets, we know that our maps have to be compatible on digital kiosks, iOS and Android. What is even better than indoor maps that are compatible on all three? Paying once and getting unlimited accessibility across all devices. Micello’s HTML5-compatible maps and business model has always been on the cutting edge of mapping technology.

We’re excited to see what our customers continue to do with our maps. Everyday is a constant surprise as we learn about all the revolutionary application developers are creating. While things such as buying movie tickets, parking your car or finding an open slot machine might seem trivial, these new technologies mean big time and headache savers.

To learn more about indoor maps for theaters and stadiums, check out www.micello.com/start. And to keep up to date on all the latest indoor wayfinding news, make sure to follow our blog at www.micello.com/blog

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Micello is located in Santa Clara, CA. With the big shopping season just around the corner, any Bay Area native will tell you that going to a mall, airport, department store or even stopping for a bite to eat can quickly turn hectic if you find yourself stuck circling around a parking lot for 15 minutes trying to find that one open space in a sea of cars.

Micello wants to change all that.

What do maps of parking lots have to do with indoor maps? Well, we see parking lot maps as just the beginning of the ultimate wayfinding experience. Why should your routing end once you drive up to the mall? Shouldn’t your navigation first route you to the mall itself, then transition to a parking lot map that routes your car to the nearest open parking space? We think it should.

With Micello’s indoor map API, we give developers the tools they need to press on in pursuit of this ultimate wayfinding achievement. Detailed, yet beautiful indoor maps of not only buildings, but also the surrounding parking lots and entrances, help to make this transition easier than ever before.

Using Micello’s JSON data formats with Leaflet and other tools, our maps have the ability to come alive when moving from outdoor to indoors. Each parking space is assigned its own unique geometry ID, giving developers the unique capabilities which before, they may have never thought possible.

We’d love to show you how you can add indoor maps into your application today. Visit www.micello.com/start to learn more. To keep up to date on all the latest indoor wayfinding news, check out www.micello.com/blog.

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Attribution: http://www.kevinfremon.com/tesla-model-s-17-touchscreen-mockup-psd/



Micello had a fantastic time celebrating Diwali this year!

For those of you who have never heard of this ancient Hindu festival, it comes around every autumn and is celebrated all over the world. The long history of Diwali stems back all the way to ancient India to celebrate the end of the harvest in the Hindu calendar of Kartika. In ancient Hindu scripture, divas (lamps) are mentioned as a symbolic representation of the sun who is the ultimate giver of light.

Over time, Diwali has come to be celebrated as a representation of the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. There are a few traditions that have made their mark on Diwali. Rangoli, a hindu folk art which has been created on the floors of living rooms and courtyards for centuries act as a constant reminder of light’s triumph over darkness. It’s always fun when you can defeat darkness, but still have a little fun in the process.

Micello’s India team is looking like they are having a fantastic time! On behalf of the whole Micello team, we hope everyone had a memorable Diwali and may your future be filled with brightness as well!

Check out what’s been happening at Micello-India:

Micello coworkers painting a traditional Rangoli painting for the 2014 Diwali Festival



Micello employees enjoying fireworks for Diwali 2014



Traditional ceremony in the office during Diwali 2014



Family is important to Micello. Mr. Agarwal (grandfather of Micello’s CEO) joined in on the festivities.



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Wearable tech is all the craze following the announcements for Google Glass, health bands, Samsung Gear and finally, Apple Watch. We’re excited about these new ventures and form factors, and we’re already seeing the importance in being able to integrate indoor maps into any device for developer’s applications, including wearable tech.

Like most in the Valley, we’ve been keeping close tabs on these product announcements to make sure we’re fully up to date on the latest features and functions each new platform can offer. And yes, we’re already thinking of the new frontier for our indoor maps platform.

One thing to remember about Micello’s indoor map platform is that it is very flexible. Part of making our SDK one of the most flexible map SDK around was designing an fairly sophisticated plug-in architecture that gives developers the ability to share, fork and improve upon new features in a standardized format. By doing this, we’ve also kept the API code clean and short so that it is easy to develop complex applications from all your favorite tools and integrate them seamlessly with an indoor map.

Another attribute that developers love about our JavaScript API is the ability to develop one application that works fluidly across multiple devices. So the next time you see our HTML-5 compatible maps, it may be on your wrist!   

It’s an exciting time you might for this industry and we’d love to hear your take on this. Is this the future of indoor maps?

Let us know

And don’t forget to learn more about indoor maps at, www.micello.com/start. To keep up to date on all the latest indoor mapping news, check out www.micello.com/blog.

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Attribution: https://dribbble.com/shots/1476477-iWatch-free-template-Megapack


Sears Internal Tools Map.png

While maps can be a fantastic feature for any customer based application, the need for indoor maps doesn’t stop there. We’ve seen a lot of customers over the past couple of years ask about indoor maps that can be incorporated into internal tools. Knowing exactly where all your employees and guests are inside the venue can be a vital component for any internal application. Directly from the industry leaders that we speak to on a day to day basis, here is the most requested features for an awesome internal application.

Data Measurement: Long gone are the days of making important company decisions based on your gut alone. In today’s data driven world, it is possible to make important decisions, partly based on measurable results. Where to place an advertised product, where are your employees spending the most time, is the venue fully stocked, are there any hazards present that put firms as risk for liability? These are the kinds of questions that we see industry leaders asking themselves. A great example of this is heat maps that are increasing in popularity within the IT circle. However, instead of a static floorplan that can only show you the limited data, an interactive map has the capability to measure this data and allow you to act based on it. Our unique geometry ID system contextualizes this data far better than a static floor-plan. Micello gives enterprises the ability to not only display their data, but also interact with it and make those really important decisions based on a living and breathing map that adapts as they progress.

“Micello gives enterprises the ability to not only display their data, but also interact with it in order to make those really important decisions based on a living and breathing map that adapts and changes with them.”

Location Tracking: This seems to come up a lot with customers looking to monitor their traffic and employees throughout the day, especially with the busy shopping season just around the corner. Knowing where your employees are spending the majority of their time can allow companies to target their scarce resources to the problem areas that would be otherwise hidden. Safety is always a huge concern for these customers and Micello’s maps allow companies to both monitor and measure it. Besides safety, we’re finding other companies who love the idea of having their employees be able to instantly see their co-workers location on an indoor map because it can be pretty hard to find each other on a large business campus. Meetings, email, lunch, sales calls, brainstorming and other day-to-day tasks can make the act of finding your co-workers a real chore. Micello aims to end the annoyance of this task by giving users the ability to find their co-workers instantly, no matter where they are on campus.


“Safety is always a huge concern for these customers and Micello’s maps allow companies to both monitor and measure."

Emergency: When Micello first began, indoor maps was still a very new and almost undiscovered concept. During our early years, we were paid a visit by the first Chief Technology Office of the United States, Aneesh Chopra in our first Sunnyvale, CA location. Mr. Chopra was fascinated by our indoor maps and immediately saw the potential they had to help emergency personnel navigate their way into a dangerous situation. Fast forward some months after this meeting and President Obama specifically mentioned indoor maps in his 2011 State of the Union by stating, "It's about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device.” We knew indoor maps would be a huge plus for emergency personnel and while the maps we publish for these kinds of customers remain private, we see the value in having first responders with indoor maps being able to see your location and be able to find you quicker.

"It's about a firefighter who can download the design of a burning building onto a handheld device.” - President Barack Obama 2011 State of the Union Address

So whether you are a first responder, a computer programmer, or a grocery stocker, indoor maps can make you and your co-workers jobs much easier. Micello ensures that your sensitive materials remain private to you. By working together with industry pioneers looking to make their workplace safer and more efficient, we hope to help make the world a better place. To learn more about indoor maps, visit www.micello.com/start and to keep up to date on all the latest indoor mapping news, check-out our blog: www.micello.com/blog.

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Sample Banner.png


Over the past couple of months we’ve shared some great tips on how to customize and enhance your indoor mapping experience. In this post, we’re going to take a step back from all of that and get down to basics. What we’re talking about is main points we like to cover will all of our new customers to make sure their map implementation is very successful.

What materials do I need to make a map?

We’ve worked very hard over the past few years perfecting our map making process. Part of this required the ability to ingest many forms of map data provided by our clients. Almost anything you have can be ingested and processed into a Micello map. However, the better information and materials you provide us, the more detailed the map will be. Our maps have been created from sources such as: architecture maps, evacuation maps, emergency maps, layout maps, brochure maps, even photos from a mobile device such as iPhone or Android. From these sources, we generally can return a Micello map within 7-10 business days in image files (JPGs, PNGs, GIFs), PDF, CAD files and Microstation files.

How are the maps created?

We’ve developed an internal proprietary process and a finely tuned digital assembly line to create indoor maps. We’ve literally converted the art of map-making into a repeatable and scalable manufacturing process. We call this our “Map Factory.” Because our production facilities work in high volumes, your venues are created and maintained efficiently and in a timely manner. And one more important detail here: We never charge for making maps!

What is indoor positioning and do you have it?

Commonly referred to as “indoor GPS”, indoor positioning is the ability to ascertain your location inside a structure where normal GPS signals are unable to penetrate and provide an accurate position. We have integrated with many of the top companies and technologies and we’re constantly striving to add additional technologies to our mapping capability. Check out the full list of our positioning partners, at www.micello.com/partners

How much does it cost?

Micello charges a monthly subscription fee based on the number of venues registered in your account. Our maps start at just $49/venue per month. This includes unlimited access to the Micello platform and APIs for your mobile and web solutions. This means no restrictions, no usage cap, and no worries. In fact, most of our customers love the fact that Micello maps pay for themselves and are risk free as we allow them to add, subtract and cancel maps at anytime.

Do the maps come with navigation?

Absolutely! We’ve built an entire indoor navigation technology platform so we can offer the ability to find your way from one point to another inside the location. Our platform, which produces a unique and accurate network for each map, offers multiple types of routing including:  point-to-point navigation, multi-floor navigation and even building to building navigation

Can I customize the map?

Built with a robust data structure, our maps are highly customizable using our Software Development Kit to do any of the following: change themes, add a deep integration to back end databases, add icons and markers, integrate with social media platforms, utilize product search, modify map controls, customize the UI, and even build in custom actions based on activities of the map. Of course, when the world changes around us, so do indoor maps so we are always working to add more customizations that we haven’t even thought of yet.

What kind of map products do you offer?

Our map products come in a variety of flavors and packages depending on your intended use. Primarily, we deliver the maps in one of two ways: via usage of our SDKs (Android or JavaScript / HTML5) or as a downloaded data package (where the integration and application integration would be completed by your development team). You can access the maps on Android, iOS, other mobile devices using a modern browser and even from your desktop browser with HTML5 support. We even offer our downloaded product formats in GeoJSON, SHP files, PNG files, and SVG files.

Can I see a map in action?

Not only are you seeing the map live on our API, but there are also some excellent customers examples that are currently live. Westfield Australia is perfect example of what  some of our customers are doing with indoor maps:

If you’d like to speak with our customer solutions team to see how you can impliment an indoor map on your website or application, drop us a note at contact@micello.com and we’d be happy to open a dialogue with you. To stay up date on all the latest indoor mapping news, check out www.micello.com/blog

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Customer Success.png

Since Micello first launched in 2007, we’ve been making great strides in making indoor maps become a reality for everyone. When we began our journey, indoor maps was naturally a tough sell for many of our customers. This of course is to be expected as with any new company with a new technology. Fast forward 7 years later, and now when we go to discuss indoor maps with new clients, the question for them is no longer if, but when.

"when we go to discuss indoor maps with new clients, the question for them is no longer if, but when?”

We’ve partnered with some of the leaders in major industries. What draws these giants to Micello? Of course, each customer has their own reasons for using Micello maps, but one common pattern we see if the ability to have complete control over the map, yet still be able to create, manage and own the application themselves.

“able to create, manage and own the application themselves.”

Micello understands what enterprises actually want, because we’re working with them now. We see the value in data management, custom map controls + theming and a plugin architecture that makes the possibilities for our indoor maps endless.

“We see the value in data management, custom map controls + theming and a plugin architecture that makes the possibilities for our indoor maps endless.”


Westfield Video.PNG

Source: http://www.westfield.com.au/

Because Micello has focused solely on indoor maps, our only goal is to make indoor maps, verify our data, and make sure that you’re 100 percent successful using our platform. Creating beautiful maps and building an awesome SDK for developers to integrate into their applications is what we do best.

Because Micello has focused solely on indoor maps, our only goal is to make indoor maps, verify our data, and make sure you’re successful using our platform.

If you’re ready to learn how you too can add indoor maps as low as $49 per month, make sure to check out www.micello.com/start to learn more. To keep up to date on all the latest indoor mapping news, visit www.micello.com/blog.

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CSR Demo Image.jpg

2013 Micello + CSR Retail Demo showcased at Plug-n-Play utilizing CSR’s bluetooth technology on Micello’s map.

Word spread quickly around the Micello office that Qualcomm was set to buy CSR for $2.5 billion. Qualcomm, a San Diego based giant, who is one of the largest chip makers in the industry saw the value in the UK company who has been a pioneer in developing some of the best bluetooth technologies out there. Its no surprise that Qualcomm saw the potential as many large chip companies are gearing up for the internet of things to take off.

If you’re not familiar with the term, Internet of things has been the term used to categorize a push toward connecting everything we use on a daily basis to the untapped resource of the internet. Wearable tech, homes, appliance, cars, TVs  and a whole assortment of things are being redesigned by connecting them to the internet, hence the term, internet of things.

According to an article written by the New York Times, Qualcomm would pay CSR shareholders £9 per share. Naturally, CSR’s shares rose 33 percent to £8.78 Wednesday morning in London. It was also reported that CSR’s board fully backed the deal, with CSR Chairman, Ron Mackintosh saying, “We believe that the offer from Qualcomm provides CSR shareholders with an immediate and certain value which is highly attractive." Qualcomm CEO Steven MollenKopf had this to say, “The addition of CSR’s technology leadership in Bluetooth, Bluetooth Smart and audio processing will strengthen Qualcomm’s position in providing critical solutions that drive the rapid growth of the Internet of Everything, including business areas such as portable audio, automotive and wearable devices. Check out the full New York Times article: http://dealbook.nytimes.com/2014/10/15/qualcomm-set-to-buy-british-chip-maker-for-2-5-billion/?_php=true&_type=blogs&partner=rss&emc=rss&_r=0

We’re excited to hear about the deal, but also excited to see what Qualcomm can do with CSR’s technology to make our world even more connected with the indoor world around them. To learn how you can add indoor maps today, visit www.micello.com/start and to keep up to date on all the latest indoor LBS news, make sure to follow our weekly blog at, www.micello.com/blog.

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