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Looking to still get away this summer? Of course you are. The kids are back to school and the resorts are empty. Well, sort of.  That’s why we’re dishing out some cool new maps that are going to help you find your way around the best vacationing spots in the world. Our first stop, San Diego!


Nestled in the middle of San Diego Bay sits Hotel Del Coronado. This luxurious beachfront resort is defined by its beautiful victorian architecture and remains one of southern California’s premier summer destination spots.



Hotel Del Coronado.JPG



In 2011, USA Today’s travel blog listed Hotel Del Coronado as one of the top 10 beaches in the world. So it’s no wonder we had to make a map of the awesome place!


We could talk about all the “Del Perks” Hotel Del Coronado has to offer, but why not just share some sweet screenshots from their Instagram that tells it all.


Yep, we wish we were there too! If you are ever in the San Diego area looking for a great hotel, Tripadvisor gives them 4 stars.


Hotel Del 2.pnghotel del 1.png



Check out this great video which shows a family making fantastic memories at Hotel Del Coronado





Don’t forget to carry the Micello map with you as you explore this place. It’s pretty big!








Technologies Final.png

A brand new e-book was just released last week by technology writer Karen Frenkelin, in honor of the CTO forum that took place last fall and included leading scientist and technologist for the conference. The two-day event, which was packed with many keynote speakers, academics and industry panelist, served as a great home to discuss the state of new and exciting technologies that are changing the way we operate. We’ve gone ahead and compiled the highlighted points from the CIO Insight report:


Indoor GPS Helps Consumers


People spend 80% of their time indoors, but GPS can't penetrate most buildings. Electronic mapmaker Micello builds indoor maps of shopping malls, stores, hospitals, garages, business campuses, movie theaters and more, enabling customers to reserve seats at AMC movie theaters or quickly find new deals at Wal-Mart.


Introducing Location-Based Services


This fall, consumer electronics firm CSR will unveil a location platform for handsets that will report a location to within a few meters. Likewise, an app could enable asthma sufferers to pinpoint locations where they've had to use their inhalers.


Cognitive Computing Aids Decision Making


Cognitive computing systems learn and interact with people to enhance what they and machines do independently. They improve human experts ability to make better decisions with the help of big data.


Too Little Data, Not Too Much


Contrary to what many people think, we have too little data, not too much, according to the report. "More data gives us better context to understand what's important," notes the report, which says that data-centric systems are needed to process and make sense of massive amounts of data. In the future, for example, IBM's Watson computer may bring computation to data instead of bringing data to the computation engine.


Miniaturization of Machines and Interfaces


Unlike IT, multi-, micro- and nano-scale devices will not be shrunken versions of previous ones, so the challenges to building them and their interfaces are different and will create opportunities for small companies. Graphene researchers, for example, are creating flexible electronics that can be inserted into the brain or painted on skin.


Data to Improve Manufacturing Efficiency


Thousands of sensors in factories will measure temperature, humidity, air pressure and other relevant factors. Machine's operational data, for instance, will alert workers so that they can prevent machine malfunctions and adjust work processes.


Additive Manufacturing With 3D printers


Additive manufacturing is making complex products more affordable. Examples include parts for jet engines, hearing aids and dental implants. But parts must be designed differently and "brilliant" factories must be built, offering challenges to engineers trained in subtractive manufacturing.


Robots Working Alongside Humans


Baxter, the robot made by Rethink Robotics, works safely next to humans in factories. Its arms have seven joints, each hand has a camera and accelerometer, and the robot interfaces with a factory equipment's programmable logic controls. "Workers like the robot because it takes over the unappealing jobs," says inventor Rodney Brooks.


Open Source Robots


Loosely defined tasks require highly complex software too challenging for one lab or company to develop alone. The Open Source Robotics Foundation is developing a Robot Operating System to facilitate collaborative authoring of robotics software with flexible middleware and a library of common robotics tasks.


Biotech: Genes Affecting Life Span


Biotechnology researchers have discovered a gene called DAF-2 that codes for a hormone receptor that controls aging in worms. The gene resembles human hormone receptors for insulin and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor) and may control the rate of aging.


More Years for Moore's Law


With materials and new micro- and nano-scale structures, Moore's Law may applicable for 20 to 30 more years. For instance, the first carbon nanotube computer was demonstrated in 2013 and is expected to transform the industry. And researchers have made progress in harnessing Germanium, an element that resembles silicon, and are overcoming its stumbling block, which is light emission.”


We’re very excited to learn that our partner CSR has also joined Micello on this list. We’ve been working extremely hard these past few years helping to bring familiarity and awareness to both the consumer and the enterprise. To see the full article visit: http://www.cioinsight.com/it-news-trends/slideshows/seven-emerging-technologies-you-should-know-about.html#sthash.c5qj0ZuZ.dpuf and learn more about indoor maps by checking out www.micello.com/start


Happy Mapping!


To check out all the latest Micello blog post, visit: www.micello.com/blog




Parking Lot Maps Banner copy.jpg



Parking Lots are a lot like people! They come in shapes, colors and sizes. In fact, parking lots can be so complex, people may find themselves spending more time dealing with their car in the parking lot than actually shopping. That’s why we want to help as many shoppers, travelers, guests and anyone who has ever said, “where did I park again?” with our awesome parking lot maps.



There are a couple of different ways we build parking lot maps. These maps can either be completely separate maps that act as their own separate venues. We find this type of map to be great for multi-level parking garages, separate parking application etc.




laptop colored parking lot.png




For smaller parking lots and lots that are located on the side of shopping centers, we like to include these parking lots as part of the same venue. You’ll recognize this style when you see the parking lots appear right alongside your map.



Why did we decide to include parking lots in the maps we create? Well, we believe that the ultimate wayfinding experience should begin from the moment you park your car. The days of wandering up and down the parking aisles looking for an open space or trying to find your car are now over!



Integrate Micello Maps API today to begin helping your customers quickly find open parking spaces, track their parking location, and have more time to spend money and have fun!



To find out more information about how to get started head to www.micello.com/start and make sure to follow our blog (www.micello.com/Blog) to stay up to date with all the exciting news in the indoor location world.



Happy Mapping!





The first half of 2014 has been very exciting for Micello so far! We’ve made some awesome new friends, but we are especially excited about our partnership with navigation leader TomTom ®.


On March 5th, TomTom announced a strategic partnership with worldwide indoor mapping leader, Micello, extending its range of mapping products to include indoor venues.



The indoor mapping functionality means that step-by-step guidance can be integrated into daily life for a wide variety of venues, including shopping malls, airports and retail stores. By partnering with Micello our customers can now develop smarter apps and locations-based services helping users navigate with ease in and out of the car.


Charles  Cautley

Managing Director, TomTom Maps



We definitely agree with Charles on this one! In fact, we think TomTom’s customers will now have the upper hand now that their navigation doesn’t have to end once someone parks their car.



“We’re excited to be partnering with TomTom, the global leader in navigation. Our agreement means that TomTom’s business customers can use our indoor venue maps and incorporate the content into their automotive, online, or mobile solutions.”


Ankit Agarwal

CEO & Founder,  Micello



We’re definitely looking forward to seeing all the cool ways TomTom customers integrate indoor maps. It’s a terrific thing when an outdoor and indoor mapping company can come together, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a part of it! Interested in learning about Micello's partnership with Westfield Malls? Make sure to check out the latest indoor mapping news and Micello announcements at: www.micello.com/blog


Happy Mapping!



Batman Banner Final.png

Well, it’s not exactly Batman, but we are still learning about new research coming out of Berkeley which shows that a phone’s speaker and microphone could potentially be used to navigate a building using echolocation technology.

For those of you Batman lovers (spoiler alert), echolocation was the technology that Bruce Wayne used to pinpoint the Joker’s location in Gotham City during the second movie in the Dark Knight series.

OK sure, the new research is definitely not the high powered software of Wayne Enterprises, but it’s actually quite similar. Researchers emit a certain sound frequency for a specific duration which allows them to listen to the sounds reflecting off walls, furniture, humans, and other objects. The breakthrough in their research comes from the specialized algorithm that is able to filter out noise and confusing data. Using the algorithm, researchers were able to echomap the location and distinguish different UC Berkeley rooms with 97.8% accuracy.


In case you're wondering, real bats have a similar filtering process through their physiology with their ear and auditory brain structures which are specifically tuned to amplify returning echoes over other confusing noise.



This is pretty cool stuff and while it may take some time before it would be ready to go to market, we already can’t wait to see it in action. Now if only someone can get ahold of Bruce Wayne and tell him how easy it would be to integrate his IPS onto our maps!



Make sure to check out the full article by Graham Templeton on ExtremeTech to learn more: http://www.extremetech.com/extreme/187116 new-indoor-positioning-system-lets-you-do-batman-like-echolocation-on-your-phone & www.micello.com/start to learn about indoor maps.


Happy Mapping!


Top 10 Russia Final.png


Over the last year we’ve been working to take our map coverage worldwide. Next Stop…..Russia! We’re excited to begin offering an assortment of Russian indoor maps that developers can begin using today on the Micello platform. From Moscow to Kazan we’re constantly releasing new Russian maps that is going to blow your socks off! Here is the list of our top 10 Russian shopping malls:


1. Mega Mall Khimki

микрорайон номер 8, Химки, Russia

Square Meters: 174,000


2. Golden Babylon @ Prospect Mira

211 Mira Prospect, 129226 Moscow, Russia

Square Meters: 170,000


3. Mega Mall Dybenko

12-й км Мурманского шоссе, Всеволожский район, Ленинградская область, Russia

Square Meters: 158,400


4. Mega Mall Belaya Dacha

1-й Покровский пр., 5, Котельники, Moskovskaya oblast, Russia

Square Meters: 131,300


5. Mega Mall Omsk

бул. Архитекторов, 35, Омск, Russia, 644000

Square Meters: 130,000


6. Mega Yekaterinburg

8TH Marta Street, C.C. Ekaterinburg Greenwich, Ekaterinburg, Sverdlovsk, Russia

Square Meters: 118,500


7. Mega Kazan

prospekt Pobedy, 141, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia

Square Meters: 115,000


8. Afimall City

Пресненская наб., 2, Moscow, Russia

Square Meters: 114,200


9. Mega Mall Parnass

просп. Энгельса, St Petersburg, Russia, 188660

Square Meters: 103,300


10. Mega Mall Novosibirsk

ул.Ватутина, 107, Новосибирск, Russia

Square Meters: 103,000


We’re excited to see the love for indoor maps spreading globally so we’ll be checking in on tons of different places around the world and bringing you maps of all the interesting places we find. If you’d like to use any one of our thousands of indoor maps in your application, simply visit www.micello.com/start to learn more!

Happy Mapping!




The only thing that gets our map factory more excited than making a map is making it twice; That’s why this week we’re releasing our updated map of the newly renovated San Jose McEnery Convention Center.

In Summer 2011 the building was newly renovated and expanded to include an additional 125,000 square feet. The center now offers over 142,000 square feet of meeting space. We also should add that the new section looks really great up close! So this was a no-brainer; we had to map this place.

tablet San Jose Convention Center.png


McEnery Convention Center has also been home to plenty of historical events which makes it extra special! Everything from car shows to presidential campaign events have all made their way to McEnery at some point in time, so we like to think it’s a pretty cool place!




Located just 4 miles from the San Jose Norman Mineta International Airport, McEnery Convention Center is a great place for all Silicon Valley announcements, showrooms, events and other gatherings.


photo (2).PNG


We love making conference maps because we understand the importance of having all your conference info contextualized on a map. If you’re interested in having Micello build a custom conference map just like McEnery Convention Center, visit: www.micello.com/maprequest. Also make sure to check out this map on our API: www.micello.com/m/922.   


Happy Mapping!




Last time we showed you how to add custom fonts onto the map to give it flair and pizazz, but this time we want to show you a feature that would really make your maps pop. Yep, I’m talking logos people!


logo 10.JPG     logo 11.JPG

Image Source:http://www.henriairportplaza.ro/


In the past year we’ve gotten a few requests from developers asking if they can use a store logo rather than the traditional text. With the flexibility and ease of Micello’s SDK, adding a logo to an object is simple. I should note that we’ve refrained from inserting logos on to our map due to legal restrictions, but for those of you who do have permission to use various logos, here’s how its done.

In this post we’ll focus on one popular way to add a logo to an object through a map inlay. A map inlay is a temporary way of applying a custom style for a geometry. The new style will only be applied to the geometry which is indicated by id.

Just like other customizations, make sure to fully load the map before assigning inlays. Initialize the map and setup a mapChanged override to detect the map load.

micello.maps.init ("41d61529-0d80-41dc-b436-d138ef837305", mapInit);
var mapControl;
var mapDataObject;
function  mapInit() {
   mapControl =  new micello.maps.MapControl('mapElement');
   mapDataObject = mapControl.getMapData();
   mapDataObject.mapChanged = onMapChanged;
function onMapChanged (e) {
   if (e.comLoad) { // the map has loaded

The map will then execute the function add_one_inlay() when the map is loaded. An inlay is defined as an object and then passed to addInlay() to be added to the map. The properties that make up inlay are:

“id” - The geometry of the geometry to receive the inlay.

“t” - The theme style to be applied. These are defined in a theme file.

“anm” - Annotation group name for inlays of the same type.

Only the geometry id and the desired style are required to add the inlay, but it is recommended to assign an annotation group name so inlays can be removed.

function add_one_inlay () {
     var inlay = {"id": 6619, "t": "Search Result", "anm":"my_inlays"};
     aid = inlay.aid; // keep track of the unique annotation id for this inlay

The theme style ‘Search Result’ is used here because it’s predefined and easy to spot on a map.

Because an inlay is assigned a unique .aid property when it is added to the map, you can use this value to later remove the inlay.

Removing the inlay from the last example can be done in a single line of code:

mapDataObject.removeInlay(aid); // remove inlay by aid
mapDataObject.removeInlay("my_inlays", true); // remove inlay by anm

To find this example and much more head over to our developer’s workbench: www.micello.com/workbench

Happy Mapping!



Expremio first came to us in March 2013 looking for a way to integrate a beautiful indoor map into a consumer facing online dining + shopping experience. They wanted to develop the tool for the busiest airport in Romania, Henri Coanda International Airport. After working with their client to gather the mapping materials, Expremio sent over the airport CAD drawings to our team and we got to work!

After completing the airport map, we published the map to our API using our basic Micello theme. We matched the airport shops, matched the gate numbers, and even made sure to cross-check our map with the venue’s floor plan to clean up walkways and terminals.


henri airport 1.png


The next steps Expremio took was to ensure the data was matched correctly and begin using our Workbench examples to easily customize the objects on the map. They customized the color of the building background, customized the look of the terminal gates, and even overlayed vendor’s logos on top of the map.


henri airport 2.png

Now the map really looks slick! We especially like the customized map controls that appear in the upper left corner of the map. Their entire team did an excellent job at designing the map and we are really excited to show off their work.

We hate to brag, but we definitely have the coolest customers!

henri airport 3.png


You definitely don’t want to miss this: http://www.henriairportplaza.ro/

Also don’t forget to stop by our Workbench to check out how you can customize your own maps just like Expremio!

Happy Mapping!



Updating a map is great. Updating a map straight from your phone is awesome! That’s why we’ve been working hard to release a new tool that will allow you to send instant feedback to our map factory. Let’s explore how this works…


First, open the U-tool in your smartphone browser. Simply type www.micello.com/u/78


For this example we are using Westfield Valley Fair, which also happens to have the CID 78. To open your map in the U-tool, simply replace 78 with the CID of your map.


Immediately, you should notice a difference in the color of the map from our default blue theme. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to look like this. What we’ve done here is have the map appear blank, this way you can easily see that changes you are making as you walk along the venue


iphone slash u 1.png


Let’s go ahead and begin our walk around the mall. It looks like the first store we’ve come across is Nordstrom. I just walked by the entrance of the store and this is definitely here. I’ll go ahead and simply tap once on the store. As you can see below, the store has turned green and immediately let’s Micello know that this is store is in the correct location.


iphone slash u 2.png


But what if we noticed that Nordstrom is not here? We know that stores are moving around all the time and there is always a possibility that in between our updates a store may have secretly moved. Let’s suppose we are in the mall 2 months later and notice that there is now a Macy’s located in this space. To signal this, just double-tap on Nordstrom and you’ll see a list of possible corrections you think we should make.


iphone slash u 3.png


We’ll go ahead and select Change name to let the factory know that Nordstrom has been replaced by Macy’s. We’ll go ahead and type in the new name of the store.


iphone slash u 4.png                             iphone slash u 5.png


Viola! Macy’s has now been inserted into the old Nordstrom space and will remain highlighted blue. Once we finish updating the remaining store, we’ll go ahead and tap save to send an immediate request to our factory to update the map accordingly.


It’s that simple. No code and no hassle. That’s how we roll!


Feel free to begin using this tool to make all your map changes today and stay tuned for some awesome new features that we’re working on to make our maps look totally amazing.


Happy Mapping!