Maps & Data Package


Any building. Anywhere in the world. 

We're on a mission to build a comprehensive collection of venue maps of every building on the planet. Today, our coverage includes 

  • Venue Maps on 6 continents (all except Antarctica, of course)
  • 15,000+ venues, which includes 50,000+ individual buildings
  • 775,000+ individual Places of Interest (POI's) 
  • Add it all together for 3,750,000,000 square feet of coverage. That's right, in billions

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With an in-house digital assembly line process developed over the last several years, Micello has the distinct capability to consume a wide array of map reference material (including CAD drawings, PDFs, images, etc) and quickly turn these materials into a fully qualified, feature rich map. This ability allows Micello to enter into large business agreements and systematically produce a sizable data set in a relatively short time period.

Navigation Network

Using an advanced in-house technology to develop the network, Micello maps also include intricate navigation which offers routing from point to point within the indoor map. In addition, the network offers appropriate level to level navigation via the proper structure (such as escalators, stairs, etc).

Multiple Data Formats

The Micello map products are offered in a wide array of data formats including Micello-JSON, high and low resolution PNG, Shapefiles, SVG, XML and Geo-JSON (coming very soon). These map products can be made available as a regularly scheduled downloadable package.

Advanced Theming Capabilities

Micello offers an attractive theme for every map which includes appropriate colors,textures and shadows to represent real world structures. The ability to customize and override this theme is available as well through the powerful SDKs where the color, texture, shadow and stroke can be modified to suit the needs of the application.