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Packages that use MapThemeListener
com.micello.mapapi This package includes the main administrative classes for the Micello Map API. This package includes the classes that control the map data. 

Uses of MapThemeListener in com.micello.mapapi

Classes in com.micello.mapapi that implement MapThemeListener
 class ErrorMonitor
          This class is used to display messages.

Uses of MapThemeListener in

Classes in that implement MapThemeListener
 class MapThemeManager
          This class is used to load Micello themes for drawings.

Methods in with parameters of type MapThemeListener
 void MapThemeManager.addThemeListener(MapThemeListener themeListener)
          This method adds a listener for MapTheme loading.
 void MapThemeManager.removeThemeListener(MapThemeListener themeListener)
          This method removes a listener for MapTheme loading.
 void MapTheme.setMapThemeListener(MapThemeListener mapThemeListener)
          This method sets the MapThemeListener, which will be notified when an individual theme is loaded of when the complete map theme list loaded.