This package includes the classes that control the map data.


Interface Summary
Annotation This interface is shared by map annotations, including marker overlays, geometry overlays and geometry inlays.
AnnotationListener This interface is used by the annotation layer.
CommunityChangedListener This interface is used to get a callback from the MapData object when the status of the community changes.
DetailReceiver This interface is for use by the helper class ParsingHelper do detail data may be deserialized and passed into the implementing object.
GeomReference This is a reference to a geometry.
InfoObject This interface is shared by all objects which have detail information associated with them, including Community, Geometry and MarkerOverlays.
LabelInfo This interface is used internally to hold information on different types of labels that can appear on map geometry.
MapObject This interface is shared by all objects that can be placed on the map, including geometry, geometry overlays and marker overlays.
MapObjectInfoListener This listener is used to retrieve a Geometry MapObjectInfo from the MapData.
MapThemeListener This listener is used for loading MapThemes.
PointReference This interface defines a reference to a location.

Class Summary
AddressGeomReference This method implements the GeomReference interface to define a geometry using the internal address.
AddressGeomReference.AddressPair This is an address key value pair.
AnnotationLayer This method groups annotations into a single layer.
Community This class encapsulates a Community, which is the the root object of Micello maps.
DataGlobals This class holds some data constants and helper methods.
Drawing This class encapsulates a Drawing object, which is essentially with a map.
DrawingLevel This class encapsulates a DrawingLevel object, which is a single level of a map.
Entity This class encapsulates an Entity object.
EntityAddress This method encapsulates an internal address as applied to an Entity object.
GeometryAddress This class encapsulates a internal address as applied to a geometry.
GeometryInlay A geometry inlay modifies the properties of an existing geometry on the map.
GeometryOverlay A geometry overlay is a piece of geometry that is added to the map.
IdGeomReference This class is a reference to a geometry using a geometry ID.
InfoObject.StandardDetailInfo This is the object that is returned for a detail standard object.
LevelGeometry This is the object that packages the geometry list for a given level.
ListEntry This object is used to encapsulate search result entries or directory entries.
MapData This class manages the map data including the base map and map annotations.
MapLink This class holds the information for a hyperlink to another location on the map.
MapObjectInfo A MapObjectInfo if a reference to a map object which holds copies of a set of user-relevent data from the map object.
MapPoint This class implements the PointReference interface, defining a point in terms of map coordinates and the level in terms of the level id.
MapTheme This class holds the theme data for a drawing object.
MapThemeManager This class is used to load Micello themes for drawings.
MapTypeInfo This method holds the map type and version info for a drawing.
MarkerIcon This is a standard implementation of an AnchoredDrawable that displays a single image.
MarkerOverlay A marker overlay is a image placed on the map.
MIcon This class contains the rendering information for an icon using geometry instructions.
MLatLonPoint This class implements the PointReference interface to refer to a point defined by a latitude and longitude.
MStyle This class holds the styling information for rendering a geometry.
ParsingHelper This class has some static method to deserializes some standard formats of data.
Theme This is a basic theme object which gives rendering information for rendering a map, including styles, icons and marker icons.

Enum Summary
DetailValue.Type This enumeration gives the type of detail.
InfoObject.InfoObjectType This enumeration is used to specify the class of info object.
MapObject.MapObjectType These are the allowed types of map objects.
MapObjectInfo.Type This enumeration gives the options for MapObject types.

Package Description

This package includes the classes that control the map data.