Micello Blog: Indoor Cartography

We are kick-starting this year with our participation in Geospatial World Forum-2017. Geospatial World Forum is the biggest geospatial event of the year starting from 23-25th January at Hyderabad, India. It’s a hard to miss event with keynotes from some of the notable names in the industries Jack Dangermond, Charles Trimble, Steven Berglund, Ola Rollen, Walter Scott and many more!

Highlights of the event:

  • 3000+ Professionals from global geospatial community
  • 8 Major industry segments
  • 3 Technology trends workshops

Our Managing Director at Micello (India), Anil Agarwal, is also speaking at the summit on ‘Representing Cartographic data in Digital Age’ . He will be discussing on how Micello has been involved in developing high-quality, modern indoor maps that are light-weight, up-to-date and easy to integrate with mobile and web applications. He will discuss in detail about a plethora of solutions offered by our growing Marketplace for a variety of applications:

  • Facilities & Asset Management
  • Internet of Things
  • Public Safety
  • Listing Management
  • Energy Management & Lighting,
  • Location & Navigation services,
  • Robotics VR/AR
  • Analytics.

Session:Representing Cartographic Data in Digital Age’ by Anil Agarwal

Where: Hyderabad International Convention Centre, Hyderabad, India

When: 24 JAN 2017  Time: 14:00 - 15:30 Hrs

We’re excited to attend this grand-scale event and wish to make the most out of it by connecting with like-minded people. If you are attending, contact us and we would love to meet up!


We announced our partnership with Mist Systems in October that facilitates in deployment of high accuracy and low latency indoor wayfinding solution for venues around the world.  Mist Systems recently published a blog post highlighting the value of the ecosystem partnership and we are featured in it. The blog post titled, “It takes a village to deliver accurate and reliable indoor location services”, explains the power of ‘blue dot’ and how wireless services is making indoor location a reality.

We are happy to join Mist BLE Alliance, a broad network of ecosystem companies, who are collaborating to provide thought leadership around BLE, while ensuring the seamless interoperability of various BLE components with Mist’s wireless platform. You can read the official announcement here. It’s great to see that many of the companies in the Mist BLE Alliance are also Micello partners!

Also, check out their technology and partners page that features our company profile and solution sheet that discusses in detail how Mist Systems and Micello partnership is mapping the future of indoor location services.

Here’s how you can integrate micello indoor map of your venue with Mist Systems

  • Uploading your building’s floor plan (CAD or PDF file) for processing on micello.com.
  • Importing the map into Mist Systems to build on their wireless platform.
  • Integrating the Mist location technology with the Micello Maps SDK to show real-time indoor positioning.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.


Micello team is going to be at IoT Summit Chicago and our CEO, Ankit Agarwal is going to talk at the event. Register here to hear him speak on ‘Indoor Mapping & The Built World’ at the event.

The summit is one of the biggest IoT events organized by Illinois Technology Association (ITA) and is a place where great IoT minds converge.  The event is being held on 9-10 November in Chicago.

Highlights of the event:

  • 50+ informative session on IoT
  • 500+ attendees
  • 70+ participating companies

Our expectations regarding mapping have increased as Google Maps, Apple Maps and Waze have provided increased capabilities and raised expectations. But a new dimension is delivered as beacons are used for mapping multi-level structures. In this presentation, Ankit Agarwal, will discuss the state of the beacon market in the context of mapping structures and the resulting capabilities this creates.

We’re excited to attend this grand-scale event and wish to make the most out of it by connecting with like-minded people. If you are attending, contact us and we would love to meet up!

Session: ‘Indoor Mapping & The Built World’ by Ankit Agarwal

Where: Chicago Mart Plaza, River North, Chicago, IL

When: 9 November, 2016 Time: 2:45 - 3:15 pm.



Asset Mapping is a Proptech startup that provides building owners, facilities managers, and operators a single pane of glass view of their buildings. Their platform allows anyone to see the location and condition of equipment in real-time from any device. When conditions change, Asset Mapping triggers alerts and puts the right information at the fingertips of service engineers for immediate address faster and at a lower cost. With quick access to a complete list of all building assets, insightful analytics, and tailored reports, venue owners are able to make more informed decisions.


With Micello’s indoor mapping technologies, Asset Mapping adds two powerful new features to its offering:

  • Efficient indoor map production: Micello’s capabilities to automate the processes required to import all kinds of materials and files for creating indoor maps will allow Asset Mapping to increase the speed at which it enables smart buildings. Together, Asset Mapping and Micello will help deliver smart buildings faster, improving energy and maintenance efficiency in commercial real estate at a global scale.
  • Smart locations: With Micello maps, Asset Mapping will be able to create automatic geofencing. This means every time a new asset is added into the platform, it will automatically contain the data about the floor name, room name and location it belongs to. When this information changes, for example, the asset is moved from one room to another, Micello and Asset Mapping will automatically update the data on the map.

This integration is available today. Interested venue owners can sign up with Micello and can activate Asset Mapping through the Micello Marketplace.

You can read about the official announcement here.


With this integration, Micello Indoor Maps expand into security and risk mitigation applications. Vizsafe is a Geoaware mobile and visual sharing platform for security, public safety, and facility maintenance applications. Vizsafe protects and maintains some of the most valuable assets in the world, such as professional sports stadiums and universities. 


Micello indoor maps are integrated into the Vizsafe platform. This enables response teams to more efficiently address issues where time is of the essence.

  • Photo and video incident reports and live security cameras are displayed dynamically on indoor maps in real-time
  • Situational awareness is greatly improved for facility personnel and their partners in law enforcement and public safety
  • Response times are faster and team members better prepared, which enhances communications and reduces risk.

The combined solution will make facility and safety management easier than ever. This solution can be easily deployed across multiple venues, anywhere in the world.

You can read about the official announcement here.


The CloudGuide platform is designed for museums, monuments, parks and art galleries as a single source of truth for official content to engage visitors, gather statistics, and much more. With Micello indoor maps integrated into the CloudGuide platform, visitors can get a detailed layout of each authorized museum in addition to details on institution’s profile including location, info, accessibility, agenda, social networks, ticketing through the mobile application as it is loaded with several interactive features. This combined solution will make it easier than ever for every visitor to find their way through the museums and get a comprehensive and up-to-date experience.

This integration is available today. Interested museums, art galleries, historical monuments and parks can sign up with Micello and can activate CloudGuide through the Micello Marketplace.

You can read about the official announcement here.


Mist built the first wireless platform for the Smart Device era. This partnership enables Micello maps to be used within Mist’s wireless platform to deliver high-accuracy, low latency indoor wayfinding, and virtual beacon-based proximity services. 

Mist is leveraging Micello indoor maps to deliver highly accurate indoor location services using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).

These innovative features include:

  • Virtual BLE (vBLE) beacons: Mist eliminates the challenges of physical beacons by enabling virtual beacons to be set-up anywhere on a Micello map with the click of a mouse. This lets customers avoid expensive and time-consuming BLE site surveys, ongoing calibration difficulties, and other operational issues that often hold back BLE deployments.
  • Best location accuracy (1-3 m) with sub-second latency: Mist uses a real-time location engine directional vBLE arrays in Mist Access Points to deliver the highest accuracy and performance of any BLE solution. Location data is constantly fed to Micello for accurate placement on maps for real turn-by-turn navigation across hotels, hospitals, schools, and other venues.    

We have already deployed at multiple joint customers together and are growing quickly to add more. This combined solution will help both companies satisfy the growing multi-billion dollar demand for indoor location-based services

You can read about the official announcement here.


Mall-Connect empowers shopping centers with digital marketing solutions and know-how.

The company specializes in digital marketing, digital technology, mall marketing, shopping center industry, social media, online/offline conversion and database marketing.

Micello indoor maps are integrated with Mall-Connect’s omni-channel marketing platform, MyDeck, and will which will help guide consumers to point-of-interests in a venue with the help of proximity-based messaging by providing features, including:

  • Store directory and latest information displayed dynamically on the indoor map.
  • Planning the visit; routing and navigation to the favorite stores.
  • ‘MyMall’ recommendations engine to suggest new stores, manage visitor profiles and loyalty points.

We have launched with deploying our joint solution at one of the largest shopping malls in the world and are quickly starting new pilots around the world.

You can read about the official announcement here


Our summer intern (and now fall intern), Sanjeedha Sanofer, recently participated in a hackathon and her team won second place!

Congratulations from Micello!

The hackathon was organized by Paypal to help several NGO's. It was held last Saturday for 36 hours of coding at a stretch. Sanjeedha’s team won the second prize out of 50 teams which participated in the Hackathon. She designed the complete UI for an NGO called Rising International and it was very well received.

Here’s what Sanjeedha had to say about us - “Thank you Micello for the helping me learn many usability aspects, which has helped me achieve this stride. Looking forward to more such challenging experiences.”

Congrats Sanjeedha and team, we’re are super happy for you and are glad to have you on our team. Keep it up!



India is moving ahead strongly towards transforming itself into Digital India and we are glad to contribute in the process. For the first time in India, Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology implemented Internet-of-Things (IoT) for their annual tech event management and gave its participants a lifetime experience. It is amazing that indoor maps and wayfinding technology is also making its way into India and that gave us the opportunity to map out the technology institute.

Few months ago, we received an email from Monu Shetty and team requesting us to map out their college for an annual technical event, Praxis 2k16, being held in Mumbai at Vivekanand Education Society's Institute of Technology (VESIT).

They were all set to create a mobile application and install beacons in the college to help college students and visually handicapped access the college infrastructure during the event. However, for this, they needed a detailed indoor map and so they contacted us. We gladly agreed to their request and we made an awesome map of the college for their purpose. Here it is, check it out:

Post event they sent us an appreciation email with a team photo. Here’s their experience working with the Micello platform.

“Within 3 days of submitting the floorplans we received the indoor maps with floors developed in the best way. The documentation on the website guided us to our destination. We successfully developed the Praxis 2k16 application and hosted it on Google Play Store. Students and participants were happy to see the indoor map as a best tool to move in the unknown infrastructure and participate in the events hassle free. With the map integrated in the app loaded easily and added onto the best of all user experience.

The following features were used for the first time India using IoT.

  • Indoor Map
  • Live indoor location based notifications
  • Indoor location specifiers to know where a participant is inside the college.

We thank Ankit Agarwal and complete team of Micello for helping us and making our dream of creating a wayfinding application come true.”

Perhaps this was the first time ever in Mumbai when beacons and wayfinding technology was used in an institute for a technical event.

We’re glad that we were able to help in this initiative, thank you Monu Shetty and Team (Appnirman Solutions LLP). All the best to you and thanks for working with Micello maps!